Ease Your Daily Commute with Essential Oils

Aura Cacia

by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 2 minutes

Your commute offers the opportunity to create a healthy transition into and out of your workday. You can set the tone for your day or your evening with some very simple practices. I like to use an essential oil car diffuser on long drives to incorporate natural aromas into my drive time. Why essential oils? Because they are powerful, effective at shifting a mood and, unlike a lot of chemical or synthetic fragrances, are non-irritating.

Ease Your Daily Commute With Essential Oils

Not all essential oils are appropriate for use in the car. Diffusing oils known to be calming or relaxing might be great for unruly passengers, for example, but they are definitely not safe choices for the driver. Choosing the right oils to use should be about the desired effect and not just a pleasant aroma. Some suggestions:

Peppermint is an excellent choice for car rides because it’s energizing. If you struggle to stay awake at the wheel but don’t want to reach for the caffeinated beverages, diffuse peppermint oil instead. It’s also the perfect option ““ especially on long rides ““ for anyone who gets motion sickness.

Rosemary is an oil that’s used for focusing. It’s an excellent choice if you’re driving to work and have a big presentation ahead. It’s also a great option on days when you’re rushing to get to practices or meetings after work and need some concentration for driving safely.

Sweet Orange is a brightening oil that’s great if you need a boost in mood. Use a bright citrus oil on a gloomy grey day to keep you smiling. This oil can also help you on the ride home if you need to shake off a less-than-stellar day.