Eco-Friendly Insect Repellants to Ease Your Mommy Mind

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by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 3 minutes

We’re a somewhat outdoorsy bunch here, aren’t we? I mean, we talk a lot about exercise, organic products and eco-friendly living, so I think it’s safe to assume a good portion of us are striving for oneness with Mother Earth. Sure, I love my beauty products and my high heels, but I am no stranger to the great outdoors. In fact, every summer, Mr. Bombshell and I load up the minivan and high tail it out of the “˜burbs to spend one blissful off-the-grid week camping along the Kern River.

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The only downside to this return-to-nature is the sheer amount of biting and stinging buggers we have to contend with. Being a mama with a bent toward natural and eco-friendly living, it’s been a constant source of conflict between my hottie husband and me as to how we repel these offending insects. Spray the kids with cancer-causing chemicals? No way. Slather them with a mud mask made from the dusty ground around us? That may be a bit extreme.

Wanting to have the best of both worlds, one world being not exposing my children to unnecessary chemicals and the other being protecting them from being ravaged by mosquitos while singing songs around the campfire, I went on a search for something to ease my worried mommy-mind.

With much delight, I found the makers of my favorite hair-detangler and lice-deterrent, Fairy Tales, also makes a completely natural insect repellant. Fairy Tales Bug Bandit Repellant Spray is Deet-free and pesticide-free. Made with lemon eucalyptus, lemongrass, citronella and rosemary, it protects against mosquitos, flies, fleas and gnats. It smells nice, too!

But our insecurity of insects isn’t relegated to just our camping excursions. You see, our house is located exactly one quarter of a mile from the local creek. It’s beautiful, teeming with wildlife and local plant life. Said plant life is also a favorite local hang out of deer ticks, which are known to carry lyme disease. And as the summer months come around, the water in the lovely creek dwindles to a murky dribble of its former self, becoming a breeding ground for mosquitos. Besides the annoyance of the itchy frustration left behind by their bites, they bring with them the threat of West Nile virus.

Thankfully, in my search for the most natural repellants around, I also learned about North American Herb & Spice Herbal Bug X. Scaring off the afore mentioned insects along with a few of their friends like gnats, flies and ants with a combination of wild oregano oil, wild bay leaf oil, wild lavender oil, nutmeg oil and oil of basil, it’s so safe you can eat it. Since I’m not wild about dosing my dogs with chemicals any more than my children, I was thrilled to learn it’s safe for pets, too.

As you venture out for fun this summer, be sure to keep your family safe, keep them healthy and have fun.