Energy Slump Survival Kit


by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 1 minute

Is it just me, or is life just so much busier right now? I’m more tired in the morning, my commute keeps getting longer and longer, work is busier for me with all of the Vitacost sales going on—oh, and the idea of exercising after a long day at the office…HA! Let’s just say it’s not happening. I am finding myself stuck in this low-energy cycle. I don’t work out because I’m too tired and then I feel even more “blah” because I didn’t work out! Fortunately during one of my couch potato sessions, I caught my favorite TV health talk show, and the topic of an “energy kit” came up.

Molasses for Energy

Energy Slump Survival Kit

The kit contains naturally revitalizing ingredients that we all probably need anyway:

Because you might not be getting enough iron…Blackstrap molasses

To supercharge your mood…Matcha green tea (spoon the molasses into the tea—yum!)

For natural energy…eat your eggs (or if you don’t like eggs, take vitamin B12)

To feel head-to-toe revitalized…cardamom (it’s a yummy spice—scramble it in your eggs!)

After you’ve added all these energizing nutrients to your diet, get out there and exercise, too! I’m speaking to myself as well as I am to you. Together, we can get it done!

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