Essential Oil Diffuser Recipe with Sweet Orange & Cinnamon

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The fall and winter seasons can leave us yearning for warmth, yet longing for an uplift. Turn to this simple blend of Aura Cacia essential oils to create the cozy atmosphere you’re looking for. This diffusion calls for spicy cinnamon leaf, which is both comforting and vitalizing, and bright, sweet orange essential oil for its refreshing and cheering notes. Prep a mug of tea and enjoy the ambiance!

Candle Diffuser with DIY Cinnamon and Orange Essential Oil Blend |

What you’ll need
1/4 cup water
7 drops cinnamon leaf essential oil
5 drops sweet orange essential oil
Candle lamp diffuser

1. Add water to candle lamp diffuser bowl.
2. Add essential oils.
3. Light candle. Refresh with additional oils whenever needed.