Face the Facts: What You Need to Know about pH & Skincare

by | Updated: December 4th, 2016 | Read time: 4 minutes

Are you feeling bombarded with skin care buzzwords and terminology? Simply reading through product packaging can leave you feeling like you need a PhD in skin physiology just to understand the lingo. A common term thrown around in the beauty industry is pH. Think back to high school chemistry and you might remember pH means “potential hydrogen,” and is used to define the acid or alkaline ratio of a substance. The pH scale ranges from 0-14, with 0 being the most acidic and 14 being the most alkaline. Water, for example, is neither acidic nor alkaline and would be right in the middle of the scale at 7. When it comes to our skin, a balanced pH is approximately 5.5. Here’s what you need to know about pH levels and skincare.

What You Need to Know about pH Levels & Skincare

When it comes to skin, we have a very thin, protective layer on the surface called the acid mantle. This important skin barrier is composed of an acidic layer that keeps debris and bacteria from penetrating our skin cells and invading the body. It also helps the skin retain moisture and prevent dehydration. You might not be aware that if the acid mantle is removed or disrupted by UV induced damage or harsh products, the skin can become vulnerable to irritation, blemishes and even infection.

To keep your skin in the best shape possible, you want to create a routine with an array of pH formulated items. For oily skin types, try using products a bit more acidic on the pH scale. Drier and sensitive skin types can create a regimen with more alkaline or pH neutral products. MyChelle creates a wide arrange of products to effectively alter the skins pH to achieve specific results. For example our Perfect C Serum is a pH of 2.21 (+/-0.2), meaning it is a very acidic serum that’s going to penetrate the skin at a deep level to strengthen collagen, assist in brightening, provide anti-wrinkle effects, smooth skin texture, and repair damage. The Perfect C Serum has been clinically tested, allergy tested and dermatologist tested. It is completely non-irritating, making it ideal for all skin types, even dry and sensitive ones.

Another example of lower pH products are exfoliates. The Apple Brightening Peel has a pH of 2.84 (+/-0.2), creating an acidic atmosphere on the skin. A potent dose of 5% lactic acid and alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) from glucose exfoliates and helps balance skin’s pH and reduces transepidermal water loss (TEWL). There is also a 2% azelaic acid to reduce pigmentation and spotting related to breakouts, while a 1% malic acid that is naturally occurring in apples functions as a skin pH adjuster. This powerful blend of skin brighteners and retexturizers combats and repairs signs of sun damage.

An ideal moisturizer for oily and blemish-prone skin types would be the Oil-Free Grapefruit Cream with a pH of 4.32 (+/-0.2). This lightweight hydrator nourishes blemish-prone skin without clogging pores. Nutrient-rich Sea Buckthorn promotes rapid healing of irritated skin, while naturally antibacterial honey and Totarol™ help protect against blemishes and salicylic acid gently eliminates pore blockage.

Keep your skin at a healthy, stable pH with the Fruit Enzyme Mist which has a pH of 5.43 (+/-0.2). Pectin and pineapple help resurface by boosting natural exfoliation for ultra-soft and smooth skin. Antioxidant-packed turmeric strengthens and Vitamin C-rich fruit Mangosteen supports collagen to help skin maintain youthful-looking firmness and structure.

For a product that is perfectly pH balanced to the skin, try out the Wrinkle Spot Treatment with a pH of 5.5 (+/-0.2). To smooth fine lines and wrinkles, gently roll Wrinkle Spot Treatment over targeted areas. This is a cooling, wrinkle-reducing peptide trio that instantly plumps troublesome areas with an easy rollerball applicator. Clinically-proven, age-defying peptides Leuphasyl®, Inyline and Argireline reduce wrinkle depth, stimulate collagen growth, relax expression lines and restore skin elasticity. Use any time you want to look refreshed.

For a drier skin type that needs more hydration from their cleanser, try using the Creamy Pumpkin Cleanser with a pH of 7.4 (+/-0.2), making it a slightly alkaline wash. This vitamin-rich, gentle, nourishing cleanser removes surface impurities while protecting skins moisture balance. Bioactive ingredients like pumpkin, with a potent antioxidant profile rich in enzymes, iron, zinc, vitamins C and K, infuse the skin with phytochemicals and fortifying compounds that strengthen cellular responses and accelerate exfoliation processes.

Improve skin smoothness and prevent moisture loss by using the Deep Repair Cream with a pH of 7.53 (+/-0.2). This rejuvenating cream contains EGF Peptides to increase cellular regeneration while algae-derived Venuceane™ protects collagen and prevents moisture loss. Nourishing shea butter and cutting-edge skin nutrients restore moisture while improving skin’s texture and youthfulness.