Puppy Love

by | Updated: December 4th, 2016 | Read time: 1 minute

I never gave much thought as to which saucy vixen would be the first chick to make my son’s heart go pitter-pat.

He’s 9. I guess I thought she’d also be 9? Or maybe 8?

Just by a quick glance at said saucy vixen’s roots, I’m guessing she’s 39. (Or maybe 38.)

My son’s first crush is on his piano teacher. Who, he says, is, “As pretty as Selena Gomez.”

She’s an awesome piano teacher, and also a mom. She wears sweatpants and hair scrunchies. She has inspired him to practice every day and play beautifully. I can’t help my eyes from welling up sometimes when I hear his little fingers on the keys.

This is as innocent as it gets. I like the 9-year-old version of puppy love. I’m scared of the slightly more grown-up version that’s got to be lingering around the corner. Can someone please slow down time? Pretty please?

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