First Impressions Should Make Good Scents

by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 2 minutes

From the popular You Tube channel vlogwithkendra, we bring you Kendra’s first impressions of a few new products from the Vitacost family. If you know Kendra, you know her skin is radiant and her hair is long and full. How  does  she do it? This beauty is an argan oil and coconut addict. So naturally, we sent her our new Glonaturals Argan Collection and Glonaturals Coconut collection, including the Argan Body Lotion and Coconut Hair Serum. Hear her first impressions, first hand.

Argan Collection: By now you’ve probably heard argan oil called liquid gold. It’s truly one of nature’s most moisturizing ingredients. Because pure argan oil is a bit thick and overpowering for everyday use, Vitacost glonaturalsâ„¢ Argan Collection is blended with plant oils and extracts.  So, you still get the same hydrating benefits without weighing down your skin or hair.

Coconut Collection: If you love smelling ““ and feeling ““ as if you just returned from a tropical paradise, you’ll love these coconut-infused products. The Coconut Body Lotion should come with a warning, because it’s so addictive”¦which works out well if you’re short on moisture and big on indulging. Start with the body lotion and you’ll probably find yourself wanting to cover your entire body in coconut. Should you find yourself in this predicament, simply grab a bottle of the Coconut Face and Body Cleanser and maybe even the Coconut Eye Cream to help smooth fine lines and dark circles.

Spoiler alert:  Kendra found the Coconut Face & Body Cleanser to have a citrusy coconut scent. Share your take in the comments below.