Five Foods to Fill You Up

by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 1 minute

Got a rumbling in your tummy that just can’t be satisfied? Don’t turn to massive meals or fattening snacks ““ try these five amazingly filling foods instead:

1.  Oatmeal: Does hunger seem to always strike between breakfast and lunch? Instead of cold cereal, try a warm bowl of oatmeal for breakfast ““ it’s packed with fiber, protein and calcium to fill your tummy and nourish your body. Just remember to opt for a variety without added sugar.
2.  Almonds: Pining for a snack? Instead of chips or a candy bar, grab a handful of almonds. With 6 grams of protein, this snack will keep you satisfied without loading you down with sugar or unhealthy fats.
3.  Quinoa: Pronounced keen-wah, quinoa is an edible seed that is rich in protein and has no cholesterol or saturated fat.   It is also packed with filling fiber, making it a perfect side dish for a healthy, satisfying lunch or dinner.
4.  Salmon: Serve up a portion of salmon as a dinner entrée or atop a salad for a healthy, filling lunch. Per 3.5 ounce serving, salmon contains 22 grams of protein to keep you feeling fuller, longer. It is also an excellent source of healthy omega-3 essential fatty acids.
5.  Black beans: Another super side dish, black beans provide nearly 15 grams of fiber per cup! They make a perfect, satisfying addition to any salad, meat entrée or chili.