Five Ingredients for a Nutritious Kitchen

by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 2 minutes

Tired of the same old unhealthy foods? Replace your usual staples with these five ingredients to add a wealth of healthy meal possibilities:

heap of snacks

1.     Quinoa: Instead of instant white rice, cook up a side of quinoa. This seed is rich in fiber, protein and a plethora of vitamins and minerals to help support a healthy lifestyle. It is also gluten-free, yet offers many of the benefits of whole grains.

2.     Whole Wheat Flour: Wipe out your white flour habit. Because whole wheat flour is made using all three parts of the grain (bran, germ and endosperm), it contains higher levels of protein, fiber and other nutrients, including iron, magnesium and potassium. Be aware that entirely replacing white flour with whole wheat flour may alter the other ingredients or steps in a recipe (more water and more kneading may be necessary for making dough), as well as the taste and texture of the finished product. If your family isn’t thrilled with the prospect of whole wheat, try baking with a combination of half white, half whole wheat.

3.     Unrefined Sea Salt: Switch out table salt with unrefined or natural sea salt, which has a wealth of beneficial minerals, including magnesium and iodine. Unrefined or natural sea salt has not been manufactured using chemicals or additives and has not undergone any industrial processes.

4.     Coconut Oil: Instead of butter, shortening or vegetable oil, try cooking with virgin coconut oil. This tropical oil is rich in beneficial medium chain fatty acids, and, unlike olive oil, it is good for high-temperature cooking.

5.     Raw Nuts & Seeds: Looking for a healthier snack? Forget fattening, salty chips or sugar-sweetened treats. Raw nuts and seeds can provide sustained energy and a feeling of fullness, as well as beneficial nutrients, such as the omega-3s found in walnuts and pumpkin seeds or the vitamin E found in almonds. To avoid racking up the calories, eat just a handful at a time as a satisfying snack.