Five Ways to Stay Motivated for Good Health

by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 2 minutes

When you first start a new diet or exercise routine, motivation can be easy to come by. But how can you keep things going strong? Consider these five tips to stay motivated for good health:


1. Make small changes. It’s important to set health-related goals, but keep them small and try to make gradual changes. You’re more likely to stick with a healthy habit when you ease into it little by little. Start small, perhaps by adding one fruit or veggie to your daily diet or walking a few minutes around the block, and then gradually add more healthy foods and exercise to your routine.

2. Grab a buddy. A gym buddy, running partner or fellow healthy eater can help keep you motivated when you’re tempted to give up. Why? For one, you’re less likely to make excuses or skip out on a planned healthy activity when another person is counting on you. Another reason? Your buddy knows exactly what you’re going through and can provide much needed encouragement!

3. Keep a log. Whether it’s about food or exercise, a daily log, journal or online blog is an excellent motivational tool. Feeling like you’ve hit a plateau? Flip through your health log to see how far you’ve come ““ it just may give you the motivation you need to keep working toward your goals.

4. Change things up. If you’re feeling unmotivated, chances are you may actually be bored! Change up your diet and exercise routine often to keep things exciting and interesting. Try a new class at the gym or find a new healthy recipe to quell your boredom.

5. Treat yourself. While a trimmer waistline and a healthier body are certainly excellent incentives to work hard, you should celebrate success by treating yourself to well-deserved rewards ““ such as new clothes or a dinner out with friends.  Be sure to treat yourself often ““ just knowing you can have pizza every Friday may help you stay motivated every other day of the week!