Four Natural Mac & Cheese Favorites

by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 2 minutes

It’s the ultimate comfort food. Soft, steaming macaroni submerged in a silky smooth pool of piping-hot cheese. Mmmm.

But if you’re still eating the conventional stuff (you know – the kind that comes in that familiar blue box), it’s time to get real. And by that, I mean it’s time to switch to a product made from REAL cheese!

4 Natural Mac & Cheese Favorites

The truth about that big-brand mac & cheese? The rich orange-yellow color doesn’t come from cheese at all. That mysterious powder you mix with water and noodles does contain cheese, but it also includes many other ingredients, including preservatives and artificial colors. If you’re feeling disappointed, don’t be. There are several (delicious) mac & cheese products made from 100% real cheese – and trust me, they’re even more comforting than the (phony) original.

1. Annie’s Homegrown Mac & Cheese: This one is sure to please even the pickiest mac & cheese maven. Made from organic pasta and 100% real aged cheddar, these microwavable singles are a good source of both calcium and protein – plus, they are free of preservatives and anything artificial! (Annie’s offers a wide selection of mac & cheese products, including gluten-free and white cheddar – find your favorite!)

2. Back to Nature Crazy Bugs Macaroni & Cheese: If your kids are into fun-shaped foods, this natural mac & cheese meal is the perfect way to serve up a helping of happiness. They’re made with real natural cheddar cheese, with absolutely no artificial flavors or preservatives.

3. Ancient Harvest Quinoa Mac & Cheese: This gluten-free mac & cheese is made from organic quinoa and corn pasta, organic cheddar cheese and natural flavors. It’s super-easy to make, too — just cook noodles for 9 minutes, mix with milk (or milk alternative), add the cheese and stir.

4. Pacific Foods All-Natural Mac & Cheese: In a hurry? This ready-to-eat mac & cheese meal is a great on-the-go option. Just pour, heat, serve and enjoy the tasty goodness and velvety richness of the REAL cheese sauce (nothing powdered in this product) made from real cream and butter. Mmmm, I can taste it now.

Prefer the taste of homemade? Try this tasty recipe made with butternut squash and breadcrumbs!

Do you have a favorite brand or trusted mac & cheese recipe? Share it with us below!