Four Reasons to Go Fragrance Free

by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 2 minutes

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Fragrance is a popular component of many personal and household products. But when you stop and smell that rose-scented lotion, you’re not actually smelling roses. In fact, “fragrance” is a vague blend of ingredients that can be hazardous to your health and the environment. Here are four compelling reasons to go fragrance-free:

1. Be courteous to others. According to the Cleaner Indoor Air Campaign, over 12% of the population suffers from a condition characterized by an extreme sensitivity to chemicals in perfumes, soaps, air fresheners and more. In addition, many others may experience minor reactions to these substances, including skin rashes, headaches and nausea. Consider making your office or home a fragrance-free zone so that those with sensitivities can breathe easily.

fragrance free is the way to be
Your body lotion doesn’t need to smell like flowers to pack in serious moisture power!

2. Curb chemical consumption. That sweet-smelling perfume, deodorant or lotion may remind you of a summer meadow, but in reality, the scent is anything but natural. Most fragrance-enhanced products are made with a mysterious mixture of synthetic chemicals (including petroleum and phthalates), many of which can build up in your body over time and negatively impact normal body processes such as hormone production. Cut back on your consumption of hazardous chemicals by choosing fragrance-free lotion and other personal care products made with real botanical extracts.

3. Be earth-friendly. Through showering, swimming and other activities, the synthetic fragrances from your perfume, shampoo, soap, moisturizer and any other product applied to your body can make their way into the environment where they can disrupt plant and animal life. Reduce your environmental impact by switching to fragrance-free personal care products, as well as household items such as laundry and dish detergent, cleaners and more.

4. Support the cause.  Buying fragrance-free products is a great way to cast your vote for the entire fragrance-free movement by supporting the brands and companies that make these products. Spread the word about the dangers of chemical scents and encourage your friends and family members to be on the lookout for any product that lists “fragrance” or “parfum” on the label.