5 Creative Date Ideas for Health-Minded People

Jonas Gagnon

by | Read time: 4 minutes

You’re a healthy individual: you eat well, stay active and take good care of yourself. An average night for you probably doesn’t involve a big restaurant dinner followed by sitting around watching Hollywood’s next greatest blockbuster for two hours. So why would you go on a date like that?

Couple Trying Fun Date Ideas Doing Yoga on the Beach | Vitacost.com/blog

If you’re following a healthy lifestyle, there are certain activities you enjoy that would be great to share with a like-minded potential partner. Need ideas? Here are some creative ways to spend time with a special someone. 

1. Get active

Your life is active – it’s what you know – so why not share the experience with someone? Start by having a conversation about activities that you both enjoy. Finding common ground will help you create a date you’ll both love. Plus, doing something you love will give you something to focus on even if the conversation starts to lag.

  • Go climbing. If you don’t trust someone new belaying you, try bouldering. It provides the added benefit of keeping you close enough to talk, instead of one of you suspended 30 feet in the air.
  • Take a hike (literally). Avoid anything too crazy – think ‘get to know you’ instead of goat trails cut into sheer cliffs. Remember, you can always go bigger next time.
  • Spend some time doing yoga either in a class or, if you’re both feeling confident in your abilities, the park.
  • Go for a bike ride. You can string together a host of other ideas by biking in between, or find a good trail to meander along together.

2. Have a picnic in the park

Don’t let deep-seated fears of ants attacking your picnic keep you from one of the oldest date ideas in the book. A park, a sheet and a bit of food and drink (and maybe some natural insect repellent!) can make for a great date, as long as the weather holds up. But don’t forget to bring an umbrella, just in case it doesn’t.

It doesn’t have to stop when the food’s finished either. Pack up and go for a walk afterwards through the park. The open air should energize both you and your date, encouraging plenty of good conversation.

3. Cook a meal together

Inviting someone to cook with you is a bit risky for a first date. You’ll need to be comfortable enough that you’re willing to invite someone to your home and confident enough in your relationship that it will survive if the recipe doesn’t live up to expectations (or your dinner ends up getting baked to a crisp!).

If you’re comfortable with the above risks, cooking together gives you and your date a common goal, which should serve to bring you together. And, because you (both) choose the menu, there’s no worry about dietary restrictions.

Of course not everyone is a whiz in the kitchen. Attending a cooking class together has the same effect for those a little worried about their cooking skills. Plus, it has the added benefit of teaching you how to make delicious food for yourself, which is a win regardless of whether you want a second date or not.

4. Meander through a museum

Museums offer a great way to stay active both mentally and physically on your date. You can enjoy your date’s company,while also learning a thing or two about the place you’re visiting. Spend an hour or two in a museum and you may be surprised how far your Fitbit says you’ve walked!

Plus, museums offer conversation pieces every two or three feet of your path, relieving you of the need to constantly come up with new topics.

5. Get creative together

Whether you hit up a painting or ceramics studio, or go for something even craftier, creating something together will keep you mentally and physically engaged with the world around you. You can feel free to be goofy, or really try to create a masterpiece, all while enjoying some quality bonding time with your date.

Some studios even offer classes where you both could learn to be your own Picassos, making this option a great add-on to the previous date idea. That way, even if the date is a dud, you’ve still got something to show for your time.

Keep your dating life an active one

These ideas are just a start, and, if you keep brainstorming, you’re sure to come up with even more healthy date ideas for you and your partner to enjoy. Whether you’re single and looking, or in a committed relationship, be sure to keep your body and mind active, happy and healthy together with your (prospective) partner.