15 Fun Fall Activities to Do With Your Family

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As the leaves change colors and the crackle of fire sets our hearts aflame, the urge to hibernate becomes difficult to resist. But fall doesn’t mean it’s time to take cover – there are plenty of outdoor activities to keep you and your family occupied. If the weather does take a turn for the cold, there’s also no shortage of fun indoor seasonal activities to stave off cabin fever and keep family time fun.

Mother and Daughter Lying in Freshly Raked Pile of Yellow Leaves as They Enjoy Fall Activities Together as a Family | Vitacost.com/blog

Outdoor fall activities

Of course, raking leaves – and jumping in them – is a great fall tradition. Don’t stop there, though! When that crisp, brisk wind warns you to wear a chunky sweater, bundle up and some of these try these outdoor fall activities:

1. Hop on a hayride

Sit back, relax and enjoy the clip-clopping sound of horses and viewing a golden landscape rolling by. You’ll never feel closer to your loved ones than you will snuggled up under a blanket, your breath creating little puffs in the chilly autumn air. Bring along a Thermos full of hot chocolate for ultimate hayride enjoyment.

2. Pick some fall fruit

From pumpkin patches to apple orchards, there’s no shortage of places to find fall fruits and vegetables to pick with your family. The best part is, you can create something delicious from your harvest – be it apple, pumpkin or any other autumnal ingredient!

3. Try a corn maze

Nothing says autumn like running around a snaking maze of ‘maize.’ This activity is a great way to burn off some energy – and snap some adorable pics! It’s also a great way to meet new families with the same motivations. Trust us, it will be a-maze-ing!

4. Gather beside a bonfire

Harness the ‘Hygge’ outside your home by making a big, cozy bonfire to gather around with your loved ones. You can tell each other ghost stories, roast wieners and marshmallows, and enjoy the sense of togetherness a crackling fire creates. Bonus points for those who leave their phones inside!

5. Hunt for pinecones

Get those little feet moving by sending them searching for pine cones outside! You can create some beautiful DIY fall crafts and decorations like baked cinnamon pine cones . To help motivate your children to go gather, incentivize their efforts with some fall-inspired hot drinks and treats!

6. Take a brisk fall walk

For a little autumn adventure, gather the kids and set out on a bright fall walk. Keep your eyes open for colorful fall foliage and all the critters and birds bustling about gathering food for winter. Bring along some roasted pumpkin seeds for a high-energy snack.

Indoor fall activities

When the weather outside turns frightful, it’s time to bring the fun inside and cozy things up a bit. From mentally stimulating activities to relaxing ideas to keep your kids happy and occupied, there’s plenty to do indoors. Gather the fam, throw on a simmer pot  and try these snug things to do.

7. Decorate with DIY fall crafts

Slice an apple in two, dip the flat side in orange paint and give it to your child to stamp on paper or fabric. The shape makes will be a perfect little pumpkin that can be decorated with googly-eyes for a fun jack o’ lantern. You can also make homemade candles together, or, spooky-up the house with some Halloween decorations!

8. Write down a Thanksgiving list

Now is a great time to get everyone thinking about what they’re grateful for. Have family members write out things they’re thankful for on strips of construction paper. Cut the strips into feather shapes, then paste them to a Mason jar. You’ll have a creative ‘thankful turkey’ to display and remind the family of the reason for the season!

9. Knit a scarf together

For older kids, knitting gives their hands something to do in lieu of a cellphone, giving you space to finally talk face-to-face. Not only is knitting great for dexterity and for practicing hand-eye coordination, but it’s also the coziest of cozy fall activities. The best part is, you’ll all be ready for the chill of winter with a brand new knit-scarf.

10. Snuggle in with a festive film

Pop some popcorn, simmer some hot cranberry apple cider and invite your family to enjoy a fall/Halloween movie together. To make things extra cozy, light some candles or build a blanket fort in front of the television.

Family-friendly fall food ideas

Below are  some comfort foods that are perfect for the ‘fall-idays’ For extra enjoyment, have everyone in the family help with the making, baking and preparation of these healthy eats.

11. Roasted pumpkin seeds

Whether you buy them from the store or retrieve them from your own carved pumpkin, there are so many health benefits to eating pumpkin seeds, raw or dry-roasted. They make the perfect, high energy/healthy fats snack, with an oh-so-satisfying crunch. You can sprinkle pumpkin seeds on cereal, salads, or anywhere else that needs some rich flavor and crunchy texture.

12. Make a hearty soup

On a cold fall day, warm up everyone’s tummies with a delicious, hearty homemade soup like chicken noodle or a carrot/butternut squash – with a little sprinkle of pumpkin seeds, of course! Warm the bones and delight the senses with a steaming meal that’s also nutritious.

13. Homemade apple sauce

Nothing says autumn like a batch of homemade apple sauce. Great for breakfast or for a quick snack, a bowl of thick, cinnamony applesauce warms us up – from our bellies to our bones! For an added bit of texture, sprinkle some oats on top.

14. Bake some sweet and spicy autumn treats

Not only does baking warm the whole kitchen and make it smell like fall, it creates a haven that will attract the whole family. Who can resist an autumn-inspired sweet treat? Try baking a pumpkin chai cake or a classic apple pie to bring everyone together for some family time. Talk about autumm – mm, good!

15. Host an autumn tea party

To celebrate the season, host an autumn tea party. Bake some pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and pair them with some fall-themed drinks like hot apple cider tea, or rich, gingerbread hot cocoa. Stir up some quality-time this fall with your family, and enjoy all the delights of the season!