Fun with diapers and tampons

by | Updated: October 12th, 2020 | Read time: 1 minute

This post on Awkward Family Photos made me laugh, because I could totally see one of my three kids getting into the big box of Seventh Generation and becoming a Diaper Ninja, too. There’s a big Barbie party going on in our house 24/7, and we’ve got a Hex Bug invasion we should probably talk to Terminex about–but the toys my children gravitate towards aren’t actually toys.

They are tampons. And toothpicks. And duct tape. (Don’t ask.)

But when you think about it from their perspective–if you push hard on one end of your favorite super plus, this cool cotton thing with a string at the end goes shooting across the room. That’s really neat.  My new favorite eyeliner (Belgian chocolate by Honeybee Gardens) might be great for a smoky eye–but apparently can also be used for writing, “I’m a rock star” on a skinny little forearm.

Oh, and sea salt? Yummy on food. But much more fun if shaken all over the entire living room tile floor to create an indoor “beach.”

They are lucky they are cute.

Jorie is the “Vitamom” who edits She has three kids, ages 18 months to 9 years. She doesn’t exactly *blame* them for the stretch marks and loose skin her pregnancies left her with–but she’s  not sharing her Weleda Stretch Mark Massage Oil with them, even if it would make a really cool toy-car wax.