Get Fit Friday, Part 1: Food Choices

by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 2 minutes

This is the first installment of a six-part series about getting (and staying) fit and fabulous! Every Friday, we’ll discuss a different topic to help you get on track to total body fitness.

Today’s topic is “Food Choices.” Take the first step toward fitness by evaluating the food choices you make on a daily basis. Not sure where to start? Here are some useful hints to help you make healthier decisions:

Healthy Food Choices

1. Eat fresh. When in doubt, choose fresh, natural food over processed, artificial offerings. Things like fruits, veggies, whole grains (including whole wheat, quinoa, oats, barley, millet and more) are not only nourishing to the body, they can be just as satisfying as a salty or sugary processed snack or meal. Avoid boredom by stocking up your pantry and fridge with as many different fresh foods as possible.


Replace your sugary cereal with a small bowl of steel-cut oats topped with blueberries.

Switch out potato chips for carrot sticks and a small serving of hummus.

Swap out your usual side dish for steamed and seasoned broccoli or kale.


2. Lean protein. Protein is essential for the growth and repair of the body’s tissues, as well as for hormone production; plus it can also keep you feeling full. When picking your protein, beware of foods that are high in fat, cholesterol or sugar (commonly found in protein powders or bars). Count on lean protein sources such as salmon, white-meat poultry, low-fat dairy, eggs, beans, lean beef and soy. When preparing your protein, steer clear of butter, breading and excessive oil ““ try grilling, baking or broiling the food instead.


Grab a grilled salmon sandwich in place of a fatty burger.

Add beans to your soup, stew or chili for a healthy dose of protein.


3. Mind over matter. Make it easy for your mind to make healthy choices by starting out slowly and adopting good habits one at a time. Turn healthy eating into an enjoyable experience by taking the time to really savor each food. Remember that indulgences are allowed in moderation and mistakes will happen ““ don’t let them get your mind off track!


Stay tuned for next week’s Get Fit Friday topic: Workout Tips!