Get Fit Friday, Part 6: Stay Motivated for Success!

by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 2 minutes

This is the final installment of a six-part series about getting (and staying) fit and fabulous! Every Friday, we’ve discussed a different topic to help you get on track to total body fitness.

In the past six weeks, you’ve learned many new tips and strategies to help you manage your weight, improve your fitness level and live a healthier lifestyle overall. But as time goes on, how can you stay on track and keep yourself motivated for success?

Stay Motivated for Success

1. Plan ahead. One major key to living healthy is to plan ahead. Having plans (and back-up plans) in place can prepare you to overcome the many obstacles you face when you’re trying to eat healthy and exercise regularly. Plan your meals, including what you can order when dining out; plan when and where you will exercise; and plan how you will respond to people or situations that get in the way of your routine.

2. Don’t get derailed. Feeling a little discouraged? Don’t let it ruin the progress you’ve made. Whether you missed a day at the gym or ate an extra cookie, there’s no reason to give up entirely. Even if you do get off track, it’s never too late to get back! Learn from your mistakes and move forward.

3. Try new things. When you hit a plateau or get bored, restore your motivation by trying something new! A new recipe, exercise or even a new piece of workout equipment can give you the extra boost you need to keep going.

4. Celebrate success! Whether you lost 1 pound, ran an extra half-mile or tried a new vegetable, you deserve to be congratulated. So no matter how big or small the goal you’ve accomplished, remember to celebrate your success! Instead of commemorating the occasion with food, buy yourself a small gift or share your story with friends over a healthy meal.