Get Fresh for Spring

Abigail Blank - The Upside Blog |

by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 2 minutes

Spring Break, not for naught, is typically seen as the time when college kids disconnect their brains while us grown-ups get stuck doing terribly unglamorous things like cleaning closets and washing the walls. And Bombshells with younger kids are faced with the daunting task of entertaining them while they complain about how their best friend is headed to Borneo for five days while they’re stuck at home in Lame-ville.

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I say, Bombshells, that this year, we call up that sense of adventure we had about the Spring Break weeks of yore. Make this your year to get fresh for spring.

The vibrancy to try new things still lives in you. Collect 10 fresh, whole food recipes you can make with your little ones and plan to tackle two each day. Kids, as picky as they can be, are more apt to take a bite of something they’ve helped prepare. Try a couple green salads with fresh fruit and chia seeds mixed in, or let them choose a line caught fillet of fish and introduce them to new and exotic spices and seasonings as they help you prepare their dinner. They might surprise you and become enthused over your sense of epicurean adventure. When you’ve found which meals we be part of your regular lunch and dinner forte, use Set & Save to make sure you always have on hand what you need.

In light of the sun finally gracing our rose cheeks once again, make sure you get outside every single day to bask in the glory of the Vitamin D delivering rays. Protect everyone with a paraben-free sunblock and rediscover the great outdoors. Whether you take a nature walk on local trails, jump in the puddles left by the morning showers, or high tail it to the local beach, you will have a made memories to last a lifetime without ever setting foot on foreign soil.