Get Itsy Bitsy with Cider?


by | Updated: December 2nd, 2016 | Read time: 2 minutes

Like every health freak I know, I’m just a little bit obsessed with raw apple cider vinegar (ACV) with mother. I take it by the tablespoon, use it as part of my beauty routine to clarify my hair, sauté everything in it, use it as a salad dressing…the list goes on. One use for it I’d never heard of was drinking it as a pre-dinner “mocktail;” apparently, if you mix ACV in some water prior to eating your last meal of the day, your body will process what you ate that day more efficiently. I saw this tip on my favorite health TV show, and my first thought was, “I want some of that action!”

Get Slim With Apple Cider Vinegar

Some other rev-your-metabolism tips from the show that might be worth a try:

  • Eat one starchy carb at dinner. Many of us have practiced the “don’t eat carbs after 2 p.m.” rule, but some evidence suggests the serotonin released from consuming a carb (think sweet potato, not caramel sundae) helps you burn fat while you sleep
  • Have 4 meals a day instead of 3 to keep your metabolism going all day long
  • Try to eat at the same time every day to keep your body a well-oiled machine and don’t skip meals!

So going back to the apple cider vinegar as a pre-dinner drink–it’s actually pretty good with spring water or sparkling water, especially with a bit of stevia or blackstrap molasses. I put mine in a pretty glass and it almost makes me think of champagne!

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