Give a Bountiful Basket of Health for Mother’s Day

by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 3 minutes

Whether the object of your affection is your mother, an aunt, your sister or a close friend, choosing the perfect gift for Mother’s Day can be a challenging task. Flowers fade, and buying a blouse or scarf can be tricky when it comes to figuring out the right size and color. As for candy, well, the ingredients in most candies read like a list of items to buy for a chemistry laboratory experiment!

From dark chocolate covered almonds to aromatherapy candles, you’ll find great gift ideas for mom at Vitacost! Click here to browse our selection of natural and organic candies.

The solution: Customize your own Mother’s Day gift by creating a basket filled with healthy treats from Vitacost. From energy bars to nifty nuts, here are some fabulously flavored, good-for-Mom delights that she’ll love:

  • Bar none, energy bars are great for busy moms! Chocolate lovers will enjoy NuGo Nutrition NuGo ® Dark Chocolate Chocolate  Chip, which are gluten-free and dairy-free. With 10 grams of protein,  they’ll help her stay satisfied throughout even the most jam-packed day. And  she won’t feel blue if you give her Blueberry Crisp Clif Bar ® Energy Bars,  which contain 23 vitamins and minerals, and awesome organic ingredients.
  • Mom will go nuts for our nut selection. Whether she’s an almond lover  Roasted Almonds or a walnut fan who will  enjoy spreading Artisana 100% Organic Raw Walnut Butter with Cashews on her morning toast, nuts will give her healthy fats, fiber and protein. Or  go for a mixed nut blend such as Back to Nature Fruit and Nut Mix mix.
  • Many people are on gluten-free diets these days. If  your mom is one of them, show that you care with gluten-free goodies, such as Pamela’s Products Gluten and Wheat Free Dark Chocolate Chunk Cookies  and Chocolate Covered Vanilla Glutino Gluten Free Wafers.
  • Coffee, tea or”¦a substitute? Whether your mom loves a mug of coffee, a cuppa tea or a substitute, we have the best! Give her Cafe Altura Organic Coffee Fair Trade Dark Bold for the perfect cup of coffee.  Tea lovers will enjoy Yogi Herbal Tea Green Super Anti-Oxidant, which has  fabulous flavor and beneficial antioxidants. And for those who want a  holistic option, consider the rich brew resulting from Teeccino  Mediterranean Herbal Coffee Mocha.
  • How about some extras to enhance that gift basket of  goodies? J.R. Watkins Head to Toe Kit contains natural beauty products  ranging from foot cream to hand lotion to lip balm. Or, if your mother is  a pet lover, add a few toys for Fido or Fluffy. Dogs will bounce with glee  at a Booda Squatter Hedgehog,  while Miss Kitty will purr with pleasure at a catnip cat teaser toy.

Joanne Eglash,’s Diet Diva, has a master of science in holistic nutrition and more than 15 years experience as a nutrition consultant, blogger, author and journalist. She has written for a wide range of publications and websites, including,Natural Health magazine, Shape magazine, Success magazine, Energy for Women and Chefs. Joanne is currently the national Diets columnist for the online news and entertainment site,, and a features food columnist for Yahoo.