Glitter. It Does a Body Good.

by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 2 minutes

I like lingerie. Sure, it fits me a little differently than the model in the catalog, but I don’t let that stop me. I don’t wear it for my husband, because honestly, he thinks lingerie is just an impediment to the nakedness – I  wear it for myself.   And I don’t wait for some over-emphasized special occasion. Slinking into a flirty nighty or a delicate chemise on a Tuesday night works just fine, thank you very much. It makes me feel sexy and lets my husband know exactly what is on my mind when he climbs into bed after the fifth consecutive read through of Camilla the Cupcake Fairy.

But one night, I realized my husband had seen every little silk, see-through, or sinful get-up stashed in my top drawer. Multiple times. How I could find a new way to give myself that little ego boost that comes with lace and leather?

Bombshells, I had a “lightbulb moment.” There are so many fun and sexy ways to decorate your body. The options don’t end at lingerie and a high-and-tight bikini wax. Add that little something special and watch your man’s eyes light up like a Roman candle. Plus, it’s impossible not to feel sexy when you’ve decorated your body like a goddess.

You can start with something simple, like Pure & Basic Glitter Up Opalescent  Shimmering Lotion. It provides a light sheen of sensuality while enhancing the soft and supple feel of your skin. If you’re into sparkly vamps, put it on your man instead. Whatever works, ladies.

If you want to tinker with the edgier side of body art, but not completely commit, California Exotics has non-piercing body jewelry, including non-piercing nipple and clitoral jewelry. Beautiful jewels to highlight your most precious…ah…assets. You get all of the pleasure without enduring the pain.

I suggest wearing a clandestine set on your next date night. The entire evening will feel erotic and sexually charged without him even touching you. You’ll be aching to get back home and show off your little secret.

And imagine your man’s excitement when you peel off your little black dress, revealing that the night’s not over, rather, it’s only just begun.

“The Bombshell Mommy” is written by Abigail Blank, romance author and mother of three. Frozen Heart and its sequel, Melted Tears, are published under her pen name: Annabelle Blume. Got a question about how to juggle it all and still be a Bombshell? Email Abigail at, connect with her on Facebook, follow her on Twitter @Bombshell_Mommy and look for her on Pinterest.