Gluten-Free Blueberry Protein Waffles

by | Updated: May 16th, 2018

Woke up on the wrong side of the bed? Make things right with a hearty, sweet, can’t-wait-to-eat breakfast. In less than 30 minutes, you can have a pillow-soft pile of protein waffles. Though you can’t snuggle under them like your favorite bedspread, their rich nutrient profile will have you covered from head to toe. The only thing these gluten-free waffles may need is a drizzle of maple syrup and a side of coffee.

Blueberry Buttermilk Protein Waffles Recipe

Gluten-Free Blueberry Protein Waffles

Makes 8 waffles


2 Tbsp. apple cider vinegar
2 cups unsweetened almond milk
1 Tbsp. ground flaxseed
3 Tbsp. water
½ cup Vega One French Vanilla
2 cups all-purpose gluten-free flour
½ tsp. baking powder
1 Tbsp. sugar (omit if making pancakes)
½ banana, mashed
1 – 2 Tbsp. liquid coconut oil

Toppings (optional): maple syrup, fresh blueberries and chopped walnuts


  1. In a small bowl, combine apple cider vinegar and almond milk (to make “buttermilk”). Set aside.
  2. In a separate bowl, combine flaxseed and water (to make flax “egg”). Set aside to gel.
  3. In a large bowl, combine Vega One, flour, baking powder and sugar.
  4. In another bowl, combine banana, buttermilk, flax egg and coconut oil.
  5. Mix wet ingredients into dry, stirring until mostly combined. Fold in blueberries. If batter is too thick, add more almond milk, 1 tablespoon at a time. If it’s too thin, add 1 tablespoon flour at a time until desired consistency.
  6. Preheat waffles iron and lightly grease with coconut oil.
  7. Pour batter into heated waffle iron and cook per waffle iron directions.