These 7 Tips Will Help You Nurture (and Love!) Your Gorgeous Gray Hair

Elizabeth Marglin

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For many women on the fence about whether to keep dying their hair well after the gray had come in, the pandemic gave them just the opportunity they needed to embrace their gray. It was part of the general cultural shift, one that prized comfort over glamour, authenticity over performance and meaning over materialism.

Still, it’s not an easy decision to go gray. It can be fraught, especially given the way beauty, youth and erotic capital are considered a package deal. But the shift to gray can also come as a relief—no more constant worry about scheduling salon visits to cover up the gray (not to mention the cost). Once you are ready to make the leap, or if you are increasingly shades of gray curious, here are seven ways to nurture your gray.

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Gray Hair Care Tips 

1. Blend, merge, transition

For many women, the tell-tale white at the roots feels witchy and ungroomed. If you are wanting to explore going gray without being all in, a happy medium between gray and dyed is called gray blending, which helps make the gray more uniform. This low maintenance color technique hides the gray by adding in other colors that are similar to your hair’s natural shade. This way it appears less gray, silver or white and creates a smoother transition to these lighter shades.

2. Add a glamour streak

If you have graying hair or already have steel gray hair, try breaking up the color with a few threaded silver highlights. These “glamour streaks” around the face make the color more impactful and brighten the face.

3. Find the right cut

Just because you stop dying your hair doesn’t mean style should take a back seat. Cut is key when it comes to hair game. Whether you choose a long or short style, keep your hair healthy and frequently trimmed. Gray hair can emanate chic sophistication if worn well—a flattering hair style will always make you feel better and look more youthful. Work with your stylist to find a shape that complements your hair texture and features.

4. Keep frizz at bay

Graying hair can become dry, unmanageable and coarse. The reason? Your hair loses its color and becomes gray or white as you age. At the same time, sebaceous glands produce less sebum, making your hair dry, rough and frizzy. But with extra care—and the right products–you can transform your frizz into smooth, healthy locks. natural gray hair also offers one major advantage. It glistens and shines in a way that processed hair does not.

Try: Mill Creek Botanicals Fantastic Silver Shampoo, enriched with Panthenol (a moisturizing compound), is designed to restore elasticity and luster to gray hair.

5. Reduce sun exposure

Because gray hair lacks melanin, it has less natural sunscreen in most hair colors other than blonde. Excessive sun exposure can majorly damage hair, with UV radiation fading color and weakening the hair structure. Products like a sunscreen for hair can prevent hair damage from UV rays, keeping your gray from yellowing.

Try: Sun Bum Scalp & Hair Mist SPF 30 imparts a nourishing mist to help protect your scalp and hair from the sun without making your hair greasy.

6. Protect from heat

Because of its texture and porosity, blow dryers and other hot tools can cause gray hair much more harm than good. Use infrequently, purchase good quality hair tools with temperature controls and do not exceed 350 degrees. Never let the tool remain in one place on the hair for more than a few seconds.

7. Love the hair you have

Letting go of your longtime hair color can be emotional, but it can also signal an exciting new chapter. It’s a big change. Your hair is a telling representation of who you are and what you value. Ultimately, it’s not just about hair, but about how you want to live. Love this stage of life you are in, commit to it fully and embrace it. Why not create a life that reflects the woman you’ve become?

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