Great (and Affordable) Gifts for New Dads

by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 3 minutes

You’ve probably bought many gifts for the man in your life–anniversary gifts, Valentine’s Day gifts, birthday gifts. But there’s something really special about choosing that first Father’s Day gift. It’s a great opportunity to say, “I love you,” “thank you,” and “our baby is so lucky to have you for a dad,” all rolled into one.

great gifts for new dads

Of course if you could, you would get your man the world–or at least a new flat-screen TV. But the thing about becoming parents (if you haven’t already noticed) is that finances become, oh, a wee bit tight.You don’t need to break the bank to wish your man a Happy Father’s Day, though. Here are some thoughtful–and affordable–ways to say “I love you” from you and your baby:

The Gift of Sleep

Infants and sleep deprivation go hand in hand–which is why there’s very little a new parent values more than a “pass” to sleep through the night. Design a cute “Sleep Certificate” and give the new daddy a Bucky Eye Shades Mask with Ear Plugs so he can fall into deep slumber with more ease. (Of course, when it’s your turn to catch up on some shut-eye, you will enjoy borrowing this gift–it’s so soft against tired eyes.)  You might also want to throw a bottle of melatonin in the bag–after going through weeks and weeks of disturbed sleep cycles, this supplement helps support healthy ZZZs.

Manscaping Business

Stubble might have been sexy before you had kids, but you and your man might both worry that a less-than-close shave could hurt baby’s delicate skin. Make shaving fun by putting together a “manscaping kit,” including Aubrey Men’s Stock Shave Cream in decadent Island Bay Rum scent, Aubrey Men’s Stock North Woods Face Scrub (Classic Pine is my favorite) to loosen ingrown hairs and help prevent razor bumps, and Herban Cowboy After Shave Balm, which contains organic carrot, cucumber and shea butter for natural, healthy deep-skin conditioning.

The Strongest Man in the World

Your baby already thinks Daddy is the strongest man in the world, so why not give your man the tools he needs to takes his power to the next level? ARO: Black Series is a complete line of pre- and post-workout sports nutrition, including pre-workout concentrate and BCAA, both available in yummy fruit punch flavor, and the scrumptious and power-packed ARO Whey Protein Complex PLUS in chocolate peanut butter. He’ll be a man of steel in no time!

Forever Young

Becoming a dad very likely will be the most amazing, transformative experience of your man’s life”¦but for many men, it’s also an express route to feeling “old.” After all, growing up, who seemed older to your husband than his very own “old man”? Before he starts sneaking your anti-aging products, hook this hot daddy up with Aubrey Men’s Stock Daily Rejuvenating Eye Cream to keep those crow’s feet away, and Anne Marie Borlind Natural Care Anti-Aging Revitalizing Cream for Men for everyday moisture plus hyaluronic acid. Hairline not what it used to be? Bamboo Men by Alterna is a hair thickening gel that cultivates stronger, healthier hair and offers SPF protection to the scalp.

Of course if these ideas don’t delight…well, there’s always that flat-screen TV!