Hands Off!

by | Updated: December 4th, 2016 | Read time: 2 minutes

Pregnancy is like a magnet for strangers. For some reason, the sight of your pregnant belly makes people want to touch you, talk about your body, ask inappropriate questions and share unsolicited stories and advice. (No, I really DON’T want to hear about the hemorrhoids you got when you were pregnant in 1965.)

I really didn’t enjoy that part of being pregnant, so I thought when he was born it would be over. Although I’m not constantly being asked about my pregnancy or having unwanted hands on my belly, I’ve met an entirely new monster: people wanting to touch my baby.

Step away from the baby before someone gets hurt!

Random people want to hold him, touch his hands or rub his head. While I appreciate the admiration and feel praised for my “good work” (Yes, someone actually referred to the creation and birth of my baby as “good work”), I could probably scream all at once with frustration. Babies get sick easily, so while you’re holding him or touching his fingers (which subsequently go directly into his mouth), you’re putting him in harms way.

I was in the market the other day picking up a few things. I was talking to the checkout lady and getting my money ready when I heard an “aww.” Thinking nothing of it, I continued my checkout process. As I turned to push my cart out and leave, I saw a small child petting my infant son as if he were some kind of animal. Instead of telling her to stop, her parents showered her with a chorus of “awws.” I have yet to reach the parent-confidence level where I can (politely) scold someone else’s kid, so I just moved to where she couldn’t touch him and said “excuse me” so that I could leave.

Parents, please tell your kids to keep their hands to themselves. It’s not cute, it’s gross!

To combat the germs of random strangers, new mom Catherine keeps her diaper bag well-stocked with Babyganics The Germinatorâ„¢ Hand Sanitizer – and sips away the frustration with Yogi Kava Stress Relief Tea.