He Wants You

by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 3 minutes

Sex is fun. I know, a whole bunch of you forgot. That’s okay, I’m here to remind you. We’re all busy with packing lunches and doing laundry, or meeting deadlines and crunching numbers, or both, and so on and so forth. Let me tell you something. Lean in real close, because I’m going to share a secret with you that is like the eighth freaking wonder of the world.

Your man wants to have sex with you.

No really. YOU. He wants to have sex with YOU. So no matter what excuse you have about how you aren’t the picture of perfection and can’t possibly be sexy enough to do XYZ, you just put a lid on all that noise right now. He wants to have SEX…with YOU.

Okay, now that we’ve got that out of the way. Let’s talk about ways that you can help yourself let loose and come unhinged in the bedroom. I’ve got five fail-proof methods for breaking through the barriers and unleashing your inner Bombshell.

1) Talk Dirty To Him

I don’t care if you blush like a virgin seeing her first man-part in the back seat of her boyfriend’s parent’s Buick La Sabre. Whisper them into pillows, sing them in the shower, teach your parrot to recite them (though I don’t advise this if you have children or people visit your home, like, ever). Your man wants to know what you like. Muster up the gusto and invite him to try that thing you read about in that erotica book you’ve been hiding under your pillow –  *cough*Fifty Shades of Grey*cough*.   Learn to let your inner desires spill from your lips.

2) Play Games

Foreplay is an extremely important part of intimacy, both physically and emotionally. Yet, many couples let it fall by the wayside. There are a variety of games designed for couples with this very problem. Try the Berman Center Bathtub Love Kit. Its adorable little bubbles float around the tub with you and are filled with fun suggestions to explore each other until your fingers are prune-y and your passion is sated.

3)   Bring Sexy Back

What makes you feel like a Bombshell? It could be your favorite red lipstick, or the sundress that displays just the right amount of cleavage, or shaking your money-maker while your favorite song blares through your ear buds. Whatever it is, allow yourself to enjoy it often and conjure up that euphoric feeling of sexiness.

4) Focus On Health

Exercising and eating right helps your body work efficiently. When you’re firing on all cylinders the drive is much more enjoyable. Treating your body right but still have a lagging libido? Vitacost has many vitamins and supplements to help you get your groove back. Don’t let this stand in your way. If supplements don’t help, see your doctor and discuss any serious health concerns you may have.

5) Privacy is Paramount

For the love of all that is sexy, please get a lock for your bedroom door. If you already have one, use it. It eases your mind knowing the kids can’t barge in any old time they need you to start the DVD over for them or because Timmy used his PB&J as hair gel on his sister. Couples need private space. A kid-free zone. Make your bedroom a sanctuary for the love you share with your man.

“The Bombshell Mommy” is written by Abigail Blank, romance author and mother of three. Frozen Heart and its sequel, Melted Tears, are published under her pen name: Annabelle Blume. Got a question about how to juggle it all and still be a Bombshell? Email Abigail at thebombshellmommy@gmail.com, connect with her on Facebook, follow her on Twitter @Bombshell_Mommy and look for her on Pinterest.