Head-to-Toe Fashion Tips for Summer

by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 2 minutes

You’ve been working hard for that bikini bod, so now it’s time to show it off. From donning a large floppy straw hat or strutting a big pair of “Hollywood-style” sunglasses, your summer look should have pizazz to really draw attention. More importantly, it should say something about you! Let your personality shine through with these tips to welcome the warm weather while playing up your best body assets.

Makeup & Clothes for Beach Style
A recycled beach tote is always a fashionable — and practical — accessory.


You’ll be covered from head to toe with these summer beauty and fashion musts.

1) Must-do makeup:

Take advantage of more sunlight hours and get your glow on. Of course, you don’t actually have to bask for hours to achieve sun-kissed skin. In fact, I encourage you to enjoy the sun responsibly (more on summer skincare next week). All you really need is a bronzing powder and sunless tanning lotion.

A mineral-based bronzer is the best for skin, especially when pore-clogging sweat is a factor. Larenim Mineral Bronzer in Goddess Glo™ is my go-to, because it’s free of talc, preservatives and parabens. Use a bronzer brush to apply on cheeks and décolletage.

Sunless tanners may seem like a hassle, but the latest lotions have stepped up to the plate. Take Nature’s Gate Sunless Tanner, for instance. It’s lightweight, completely natural and infused with antioxidants to help nourish skin (the sun’s rays can actually dehydrate skin). Always exfoliate before applying sunless tanner and don’t forget to wash hands thoroughly when you’re done.

2) Must-wear clothes:

Summer is not about hiding behind a big black muumuu. Instead, showcase those strong, beautiful curves with eye-popping colors, patterns and tropical prints. Get all eyes to focus on your favorite body parts. Loving your newly defined quads? Wear this season’s latest short-shorts with a bright, Palm-Beach-style floral print. Proud of a hard-earned six-pack? A midriff top in a trendy lime tone will turn heads.

3) Must-tote accessories:

There’s nothing more stylish than a woman who cares about the environment around her. So, show the world you care by accessorizing with eco-sensible accessories. I love the Blue Q Beach Tote for its whimsical vintage beach photos and because it’s made from 95% post-consumer material.

Add even more flare with a pair of vibrant-hued recyclable flip-flops, crafted from natural rubber (Planet Flops® are an eco-smart choice). Top it all off with DIY chunky bracelets. You can make your own bangles using a variety of scraps around the house, including old neckties and tees that no longer fit your svelte figure. Get really crafty and up-cycle your empty protein shake cans by tying the tabs together to make a shiny chrome bracelet. Trust me, you can rock anything!