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by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 3 minutes

Our resident TV addict, Anita, reports on what’s been hot on the health airwaves this week

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Hi, I’m Anita, and I’m a TV-aholic. That might sound like a bad thing, but the kind of TV I can’t get enough of is health TV shows. They keep me motivated to maintain my  90-pound-weight loss, so that can’t be too terrible, right? And because I work at, a website that sells so many products that the talking heads are buzzing about, I get to try out these new finds as soon as I hear about them! (Not a shabby arrangement, huh?) Here’s my report on the latest talk show revelations.


Much ado about mulberries  

Who knew these delicious berries were a carb blocker?

Mulberries got lots of press in recent weeks because they are rich in antioxidants and were actually described as being a carb blocker! (Sign me up!) I’ve been munching on dried mulberries all week! They kind of taste like a cross between a fig and a raisin.


Nothin’ but net(i)

Neti pots  are hot, hot, hot””because they can help, help, help! These little ceramic pots look a little bit like Aladdin’s lamp, but instead of rubbing them and just wishing a magical genie would make your cold go away, you fill them with water, essential oils or other  washes  and then use this funky device to cleanse your nasal passages. This practice is supposed to relieve congestion and help with headaches. According to the wise TV docs, neti pots date back to ancient times”¦I giggle when I imagine Cleopatra with a cold, getting her nose “nettied” by Marc Anthony!

Curious about neti pots? Try it, don’t be shy!


Who, me, bloated?

Takeout overload? Detox with parsley tea!

I felt like the TV was speaking directly to me when the conversation turned to bloating. I try to eat “clean” most of the time, but I’ve had a little fling with this Thai restaurant down the street, and I had to go ringless today! But  according to the TV docs, it’s not just takeout food but all processed, packaged food that you have to worry about””you’re better off cooking at home, and using spices, infused oils and  low-sodium broth  to flavor instead of the salt shaker. Eating parsley is supposed to be a good antidote if you did indulge. You can bet that as I type this with my puffy fingers, I’m sipping some  parsley tea!

Oil pulling: Sounds gross, feels great

Coconut oil for oil pulling
I prefer oil-pulling with extra-virgin coconut oil.

Move over, Listerine. Swish some oil in your mouth instead and you’ll be following the ancient Ayurvedic technique of “oil pulling,” which is supposed to be good not only for your oral health but also your overall wellbeing.  Sesame oil  was mentioned as being perfect for this process, but  extra-virgin coconut oil‘s  a good option, too. I tried it out and once I got over the “what am I doing, exactly?” factor, I kind of liked it and am going to add it to my evening dental regimen! Will keep you posted.


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