Healthy Snacks for Football & Tailgating Parties

by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 2 minutes

October means that the leaves are turning, the kids are busy in school — and football season is upon us! If you’re looking forward to watching all the action at home, we’ve got couch-potato powered snacks that are perfect for your viewing pleasure. Heading off to tailgate parties? We’ve wheeled in our top treats for you as well.

Here are our kick-off condiments, chips, cookies and more — stock up now so you’ll be ready for game time:

Keep Frontera Original Guacamole Mix on hand to whip up a quick dip before the big game.

Let’s start with chips. Chips are  an essential whether you’re at home or viewing from the stadium. You want chips that are crunchy and large enough to hold that dip, right? For something different, try Beanitos Pinto Bean and Flax Seed chips. Love tortilla chips? Go for Garden of Eatin’ Organic Blue Tortilla Chips. And if you’re powered by potato chips, try Good Health Kettle Style.

Gotta have dips with those chips. If you’re doin’ your dippin’ away from home, keep it simple by choosing an option that doesn’t have to be kept refrigerated until after you open it. Green Mountain makes a variety of salsa dips, for example, such as a mild version.  On a diet? You can make it work by choosing Walden Farms zero-calorie dips in flavors  such as  bacon. And if you’re a home, another option is to mash very ripe avocado, reduced fat sour cream, plain Greek yogurt, a dash of garlic powder and chopped chives for a healthy homemade dip.

What if you’re into sweet treats? That can be a challenge during game, because too many sweets watching those players toe the line can add to, ahem, your bottom line. Go for naturally sugar-free options, such as Bare Fruit Organic Apple Cinnamon Chips. Another option: Choose low-calorie cookies such as Joseph’s Sugar-Free Pecan Cookies. Enjoy with a cuppa tea that’s sweet, such as Twinings French Vanilla, with unsweetened almond milk–a breeze, with just 40 calories a cup.

We’re nuts about nuts. They’re heart healthy, have fiber and contain fats to satisfy your hunger. Make your own mix with assorted types, such as Eden Foods Organic Pistachios  and Best of All Organic Walnut Halves.

Don’t forget the beverages. Be sure to stay hydrated: It’s all too easy to mistake thirst for hunger and overeat. Try plain bottled water and take it with you with New Wave. Seeking something sweet to drink? Consider Zevia soda, which contains no calories, no sugar and no artificial sweeteners.