DIY Herbal Soaps–A Great Gift!

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by | Updated: October 13th, 2020 | Read time: 2 minutes

Everyone uses soap! (Er… everyone should use soap. But I digress.) That’s why homemade soap is the perfect gift – you can customize the color, scent and even shape according to your recipient’s preferences. And if you’re leery of working with lye, there are plenty of shortcuts for a quick and easy soap-making process. In short, there’s no reason not to give out homemade herbal soap for any special occasion.

DIY Herbal Soaps Tied with Twine on Wooden Table |


Homemade Rosemary-Mint Bar Soap


Other materials:

  • Double boiler or saucepan and heat-safe glass bowl
  • Silicone molds (can also use clean empty cans, yogurt cups, etc.


1. Cut your solid soap base into smaller pieces and melt in a double boiler (or a heat-safe glass bowl inside a saucepan of hot water).
2. Add pinch of spirulina and stir. When it comes to color, a little spirulina usually goes a long way, but feel free to play with the amount until you get the color you’re looking for.
3. Add essential oils and stir.
4. Pour into molds and let cool for several hours.
5. Remove from molds – tie with ribbon, twine or raffia before giving as gifts!

Your soap can be customized to suit your (or your friend or family member’s) personal needs and preferences.

  • For a citrus-scented bar, swap the chopped rosemary with grated lemon or orange zest and use your favorite citrus-based essential oil.
  • To make an array of hues, experiment with the natural coloring powers of beet root powder, turmeric, cocoa powder, henna and clay.
  • To make a liquid soap, start with liquid glycerine and add your favorite essential oils and natural colors as necessary.