Holiday Survival Guide: Stress, Sleep & More

by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 1 minute

Shopping stress. Sleepless nights. Stomach pains. Sneezes & sniffles.

Don’t let holiday chaos get the better of you. Here’s our survival guide for keeping your health and sanity in check–while still enjoying all that’s magical about this festive time of year!


cakeProblem #1: Too much yummy in your tummy.

Sometimes you just can’t say no to seconds, or thirds”¦but all those holiday goodies can do a number on your tummy.

Survival tip: Treat your belly right long before the big feast by taking high-quality probiotics.

Not sure where to start? Read these tips about choosing a probiotic.


girlProblem #2: Tra la la la la la la ahhhh-choo!

You want to share the love this holiday season”¦not the sniffles!

Survival tip: Don’t let coughs and colds keep you away from the action””stock up on immune support products now and save up to 42%.

Find out how to keep your family free of icky germs.


girl_presentsProblem #3: Do we sense a little tension?

Baking. Shopping. Family drama. Why on earth would you feel stressed?

Survival tip: Keep an even keel all year round by supplementing smartly.

Read about our top supplement picks for taming holiday stress.


sleepingProblem #4: What’s sleep feel like, again?

Stress and a crazy-to-do can make shut-eye an afterthought.

Survival tip: Shop for drug-free sleep support options at

Check out our guide to getting better Zzzzs.