Hot Mama Summer Slimdown Guide

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by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 3 minutes

When Daylight’s Saving Time hits is usually about the time I realize I am going to be escorting my children to the pool on a regular basis in a mere two month’s time. Therefore, I must shed the extra pounds not-so-discretely hidden under my winter sweaters.

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Here are my five tips to slim down quick for summer.

1. Substitution Not Deprivation

Since I am an absolute failure at diets, I don’t make it a habit of depriving myself of anything. Pasta is my weakness. I swap out generic pasta, which is nothing but a giant plate of useless carbs, for Ezekiel 4:9 Sprouted Grain pasta. It’s low carb and high in fiber and protein. Paired with an organic sauce, like Rising Moon Organic Olive and Asiago Pasta Sauce, and I can satisfy my craving without guilt. If it’s desserts that your heart desires, I’m a huge fan of the No Pudge Fat Free Brownie mix. All you add is fat free yogurt and you’re good to go! At 110 calories per serving, it’s a better choice than that daily blended coffee drink you’ve been splurging on.

2. Workouts That Work For You

Trust me when I say, I know exactly how hard it is to find time in your day for a workout. When it comes to fitness, the biggest gift you can give yourself is to lose the “all or nothing” attitude. I keep a yoga mat at home and start my day with 15 minutes of balance and flexibility poses. Playtime with the kiddos is also workout time for mommy. When they jump rope, I jump rope; when they do cartwheels…well, I watch. But we get out my Gaiam Total Body Balanceball and take turns balancing on our backs, our tummies and so on (they think it’s a fun and silly competition, meanwhile I’m getting a great core workout), and a fast-paced game of tag is the perfect way fit in a quick cardio burst.

3. Don’t Go Hungry

The worst mistake you can make is skipping meals. Make sure you have a healthy snack between meals to keep you from getting so hungry that you’re tempted to binge on bad stuff. Keep lots of fresh fruits and veggies cut, peeled and ready to eat. Nuts or seeds, like Best of All Organic Sunflower Seeds, are also a perfect afternoon snack. I’m constantly on the go, so I keep delicious low carb, high protein snack bars with me at all times. I get weak in the knees for the Kind Bars, especially the almond and coconut, and the South Beach Protein Fit Peanut Butter Bars are delicious. Both are easy to carry in my bag so I’m not temped by drive-through garbage.

 4. Stay Fueled

Provide your body with a steady stream of vitamins and supplements with a daily multivitamin. You’ll be surprised how much your cravings will be curbed if your body has all of the nutrients it needs. Vitacost Synergy NutriSlim Low Carb MultiVitamin are perfect if you’re following a low-carb diet.

 5. Increase Your Water Intake

Get a bottle. Fill it up. Drink it. Enough Said.