How Not to Hate Yourself This Thanksgiving


by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 2 minutes

What I instruct myself before Thanksgiving dinner every year: “You’ll just eat the turkey breast and some vegetables and a few bites of your favorite starches. A sliver of pie. Then you’ll go running on Friday morning.”

Thanksgiving Diet Tips

What actually happens: I do, indeed, start with the turkey breast and some vegetables. But also a glass or two of wine. And after the wine, my “bites” of the starches end up being giant gulps. And maybe I do have just a sliver of pie…but I eat it with a huge slice of cake. Oh, and the next day? I’m Black Friday shopping like everyone else. And hating myself for it all!

This year I have decided to be proactive and have a plan of attack meant to minimize my starch-gulping, courtesy of my favorite TV health talk show:

Balanced breakfast: I’m starting the day with real eggs, not egg whites, and wheat toast slathered with coconut manna, so I will have a normal balance of carbs, protein and fat and won’t feel like I am running on empty all day.

Pre-party fiber session: 15 minutes prior to dinner, my plan is to drink 1 glass of water with 2 Scandinavian bran crispbread crackers, which contain 8 grams of fiber. I’ll be also taking some apple cider vinegar, either in a shot glass before leaving the house or in capsules tucked into my purse.

Dessert table strategy: Rather than eating pie and cake and feeling bad about it, I plan on making this recipe for Raw German Chocolate Truffle Pie, which is totally decadent and contains no refined sugar—cacao powder, coconut nectar and dates are all the richness this dessert needs!

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