How to Be a Fitness Vixen

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by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 3 minutes

Exercise is good for our mind, body, and soul. Right? Right. We exercise to keep our hearts strong, to fortify our bones, and, often times, to help keep our weight in check. In summary, exercising is sexy.

What I’m thrilled to see now in the fitness world is purposefully sexy approaches to working out. Because sexy isn’t just about your body (actually, contrary to what the media tells you, it has very little to do with your body). It’s about your mind. Exuding confidence and a sense of self is the number one way to be the sexiest woman in the room. So, let’s talk about some of the sexiest forms of exercise out there.

The most popular form of sexy exercise is pole-based fitness. Being “on the pole” has gone from an elusive part of the seedy underworld of the sex trade to a way for women to celebrate their sexiness while strengthening and toning their muscles. From classes focused on acrobatic elements to studios specializing in the combination of Pilates and pole dancing, the workout you get from pole-centered exercise is challenging and intense.

A strenuous workout of your core, upper body and legs, pole-based workouts are much harder than they look. The better you get at it, the more confident and sexy you feel. Plus, imagine the possibilities of how you can incorporate the routines you learn into your at-home “recreation.”

Another super sexy approach to fitness is couples or partner yoga. This form of yoga includes many poses which call for partner assistance to increase flexibility and stability within the pose. Yoga focuses on breathing and listening to your body as a part of the overall practice. Both of these exercises will be beneficial in the bedroom. Don’t you remember all of the hoopla over Sting and his Tantric sex abilities? Yep, that’s all yoga, baby.

It’s not only a wonderful way to support each other in your fitness habits and goals, but couples yoga also encourages a reconnection to one another spiritually and emotionally. Again, sexy is all about the mind. When you’re feeling more connected in your heart, you will enjoy your physical connections even more.

A personal favorite of mine in the realm of sexy exercise is aerial acrobatics, or “circus classes,” for the lay person. Aerial acrobatics can take many forms, from trapeze to hoop to tissue. I spent a summer taking tissue classes two years ago, and I desperately miss it. Rarely had I felt more accomplished and powerful physically than when I climbed those long strips of fabric, wrapped myself in intricate loops and knots, and found myself suspended in the air, held in place by the strength of my muscles and determination.

All of the aerial acrobatics require immense core and upper body strength. I also enjoyed the aspect of doing something exotic and unusual. Say what you will about the circus, but the aerialists have always been the sexy part of the show.

Be inventive, be open and be enthusiastic when it comes to new and sexy approaches to fitness. You’ll be happier and healthier, not to mention, you’ll be one sexy mother.

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