How to Clean Your Home with Intention (and Why It Matters)

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Cleaning is a part of life. Since COVID hit, there’s been a shift in how people view cleaning.

According to the 2021 National Cleaning Survey by the American Cleaning Institute (ACI), cleaning is no longer viewed as a simple chore. Keeping a clean home has become a way to maintain the health and safety of you and your loved ones. With this massive shift in intention, maybe it’s time to add more intentionality into your cleaning habits.

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No one likes to live in dirty surroundings. Whether you clean daily, weekly, monthly, or only when necessary, cleaning is a part of life. Go through the motions, dust, scour, sweep, mop. It can feel a bit tedious. But what if it can be more than that?

With a shift in mindset, cleaning becomes an energetic reset that can impact mood and well-being. And it’s all about intention.

Set an intention for your cleaning session

Setting a general intention each time you clean is a perfect way to set the stage. Are you looking to release toxicity, wipe away a stressful day, or let in some new fresh experiences? You may find yourself gravitating toward different cleaning practices depending on your reasoning.

Whenever you clean, visualize yourself releasing whatever’s no longer serving.

Consider how you’re making space for new and better every time you discard an item or wash down a surface.

Every time you empty/clean an area, embrace the brand new and fresh space it brings. What newness do you desire in your life? Start to imagine how exciting it will be to see it manifest for you.

Once you have your purpose, repeat it like a mantra while you clean to build anticipation.

Add in a bit of mindfulness 

When you clean, do you rush around from chore to chore, always focusing on the work left? Try concentrating on the task at hand instead. There is magic in staying in the present moment. Focus on the actions of your hands and your body. Ease into an unexpected sense of zen calm.

n this way, cleaning becomes a moving meditation. Allowing your body to stay present while clearing the mind of clutter. If you have a concern or question mulling in your head, ask for clarity on the topic before you start your cleaning practice. Many people find they get unexpected answers to problems in their lives during this time.

Intentional acts of cleaning

Whatever aspect of your cleaning routine you’re in, you can imbue mindful intention to add to its magic and flow. Everything from airing the room to cleaning out cupboards takes on new meanings.

Here’s an assortment of practices to start incorporating, then you can start creating your own, bringing personalized intentions to your practice.

And remember, the actions themselves are only a piece of the puzzle, consider the intentions behind the actions. What are you trying to accomplish – besides a clean home. You are consciously manifesting your life with your actions. Stay present and stay positive. Keep these thoughts fresh in your mind while completing your tasks.

Step 1: Start by opening up windows and doors and turning on fans to get air circulating. This goes a long way to releasing stagnant energy and accumulated negative emotions like fear, anxiety and sadness. It also refreshes and brightens up any space, so let the fresh air and light in!

Step 2: Wipe down entry points. Doorways and windows are entryways to your space. Everything that comes to you must enter from one of these points. Keep them fresh and clear. They physically collect dust and debris. Clean them out and visualize clear pathways for everything you desire.

Step 3: Dust off surfaces. Start high and work your way low, moving around the room. Dirt falls as you go, so you won’t work against gravity. Envision what you are cleaning, making everything feel shiny and new again.

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