How to Create a Morning Skincare Routine for a Flawless Face

by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 2 minutes

You don’t want to use the same products continuously for years on end. You also don’t want to try a new hot item every single day, or your skin will rebel. To keep your complexion looking flawless, day in and day out, you need the foundation of a routine. What that means is putting the best steps in place, while leaving room for substitutions. As the weather changes or skin shifts into hormonal overdrive, you can swap out the products in either of these steps.

To get you started, I’ve spelled out the key steps for a morning skincare routine and offered up the deets on all my current favorites. Since we’re in “winter” (yes, even in SoCal it gets drier), these products are more geared toward hydrating and soothing irritated skin. That being said, I typically pick beauty solutions formulated for normal skin types.

  1. Wash and exfoliate with a nourishing scrub.
    Avalon Organics Lavender Luminosity Exfoliating Enzyme Scrub is hypoallergenic and completely cruelty-free. The fruit enzymes and crushed walnuts do all the dirty work by getting deep down into pores.
  2. Tone and brighten in one fell swoop.
    Especially in winter, skin can appear dull. Adding a brightening toner, like Andalou Naturals Brightening Clementine + C Illuminating Toner, is an easy way to shake the cold-weather blues and bring your skin to life.
  3. Apply a lightweight, moisturizing serum.
    Andalou Naturals Brightening Turmeric + C Enlighten Serum is not at all heavy, so skin won’t break out. Turmeric in skincare is great for relieving hyperpigmentation and inflammation. And, I promise it won’t turn your skin orange.
  4. Gently dab eye cream under and around eyes.
    Where you may find morning puffiness or dark circles, refresh your look with CSI Vivid Eyes Cucumber Eye Cream. Most eye creams don’t show visible and immediate improvement like this one does.
  5. Hydrate and protect with a self-adjusting cream.
    With broad-spectrum SPF 30, HydroPeptide Solar Defense is a smart addition to any skincare routine. It’s also very lightweight and does not leave any residue or greasiness like many sunscreens do. The acai, green tea and hyaluronic acid soothe skin and create that flawless, even skin tone you’re looking for.

Tell me about your skincare routine in the comments below! Which products do you use to stay hydrated and balanced during the drier months?