How to Create a Wellness Sanctuary in Your Backyard

by | Updated: June 11th, 2018 | Read time: 3 minutes

Your outdoor living space should be an area of your home that is frequently used throughout the year. Making your outdoor areas calm and relaxing will help promote peace to everyone who uses the space. There are so many beautiful reasons to go outside, one of them being to relax–consider these tips to quickly create the perfect wellness garden sanctuary just steps away from your backdoor.

Buddha Statue in Homemade Wellness Garden Sanctuary in Backyard |

Essential oils

As proven mood lifters with many health benefits, essential oils are great to use for enhanced wellness. They can be used directly onto skin, taken as a liquid supplement, or diffused throughout the air. Consider lemongrass essential oil to use in a diffuser in your outdoor space. By walking through a sweetly scented curtain of air you will automatically become relaxed and mindful. Have a few different essential oils on hand to mix up the scent according to how you are feeling. Breathe deeply and allow the oils to calm your nerves from the inside out.

Your favorite plants

A wellness garden should definitely have some plants around it to help solidify the purpose of a calming outdoor space. There are plenty of plants out there that can have calming effects. Consider visiting your local garden center and walking through the plant sections. Take note of the plants that catch your eye or that you find yourself instantly drawn to.

Perhaps boxwood shrubs remind you of your grandmother’s back patio or rose bushes remind you of your childhood. If there is a flower that always makes you smile consider adding that to your wellness garden to make it much more of a personalized sanctuary. Any plant that brings you peace, joy, or happiness should definitely be a part of this outdoor space.


There is something special about the flicker of a flame that promotes peace. Open flames attract the soul and have the ability to catch the eye of those from far away. Consider adding a few candles to your wellness garden space to promote peace and tranquility. Candles such as the Aloha Bay Chakra Jar candle are large enough to burn for up to 100 hours and won’t provide any black smoke. 

Yoga accessories

A great way to enjoy your wellness garden, as well as strengthen your body, is to create an area to practice yoga on a daily basis. This foldable yoga mat is easy to use in a garden area and can be quickly stored away when not in use. Have a few other yoga accessories on hand like this yoga wedge or this yoga mat spray to prepare you for a great workout. You’ll find that practicing yoga in an area full of calming sounds, scents, and natural beauty will help to increase balance, mood and body strength.

Stop weeds naturally

A wellness garden should highlight those plants that promote peace without the stress of weeds getting out of hand. Consider this organic weed and grass killer to spray onto those areas of the garden that need a little bit of extra help keeping weeds down. Also use this on grass that tends to creep out of the lawn area and know that using an organic way to rid weeds won’t be adding any harmful chemicals to your wellness garden.

Creating an outdoor wellness garden shouldn’t be stressful. Simply plant flowers or shrubs that you have always loved, add in some aromatherapy and spray organic weed killer around the area to keep unwanted plants at bay. Add in a spot to practice yoga and a few candles to finish off a space that will help to promote peace and tranquility all year long.