Emotional & Energetic Spring Cleanse: 9 Steps to Detox Your Mind & Soul

Blanche Baxter | Vitacost.com/Blog

by | Updated: March 29th, 2018 | Read time: 4 minutes

You work out, you eat right and cleanse, but you still feel the three D’s: drained, dragging and depressed. Why?

There’s a whole energetic system that underlies the physical, that’s just as important. It’s a vibrational energy field that affects everything you do: how you feel, what you think and how well you respond to life’s ups and downs. If the current is flowing, you feel good, but if you have any blockages, everyday life becomes a struggle.

Woman on beach After Mind and Soul Detox | Vitacost.com/Blog

So this spring, recharge your internal batteries with these emotional energy-boosting tips.

1. Surround yourself with light

Creating a bubble of protection will help you feel both shielded and supported in your day. Visualize a golden beam raining down from the sky and surrounding you in a bubble of golden light. Envision it holding all the love, healing and protection of the universe. Allow the light to fill you so that you can feel it reawakening all of your cells and organs, your mind and your thoughts. Whenever you come into conflict throughout the day, recall this image and feel supported and buffered.

2. Take a detox bath

Salt and baking soda are natural detoxifiers for both the body and your energy field. If you feel achy and tired or you’ve been harboring negative thoughts lower yourself into a bath of Epson salts and baking soda a few times a week. You can add essential oils for further relaxation.

3. Send love to yourself and others

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by another person’s wants or needs, try a brief version of a loving-kindness meditation.

Put your hand over your heart and spend five minutes connecting to your heart chakra. Sense the love that surrounds you. Feel it pour into you with each in breath and flow out of you with each out breath. Once calm, visualize the person with which you’ve had difficulty. While sending them love silently say, “May you be happy, may you be healthy, may you be safe.” When you feel ready, allow them to fade from your mind’s eye.

4. Ground in nature

When you’re in nature, you can feel its vastness. You become a part of energy’s interconnected network of life. It provides a healing experience that soothes as it restores and reminds you that you are more significant than just your physical body.

Exercise your awareness by honing in on each sense at a time as you experience the natural world. What do you see… hear… feel… smell… and taste? Giving your attention to the broader world creates expanse in your inner landscape.

5. Cut the cords

Do you often feel overwhelmed by other people? Many health-conscious people are also empathic. Empaths take on others energy. This trait makes them great helpers and healers but also leaves them absorbing others emotions.

Before bed picture yourself. Notice any cords attached to you from people you’ve been in contact with. Visualize yourself cutting away each cord, as one by one they fall away from your body. Repeat until you’ve removed all the cords, and you are once again energetically free.

6. Set boundaries

Do you find it hard to say no to those around you? Practice saying no if the request someone’s asking doesn’t feel right. Every time you stand up for your own needs you teach yourself that you are valuable AND that you can be relied on.

7. Say yes to you time

Making time for you is an essential part of self-care. The more time you spend discovering what makes you happy, the brighter and clearer your aura will become. Make a list of things that delight you, from bubble baths to trips to the beach. Jot them down. At least once a week, pick something from the list and take yourself on a “just for me” date.

8. Shake it off

Is negative energy clinging to you? Find time to dance or engage in other energizing movements like yoga or tai chi. The motions relieve stress, realign the chakras, wake up the endocrine system and bring much-needed endorphins to your brain.

9. Gratitude practice

Feeling appreciation on a regular basis is one of the fastest ways to elevate your mood. It takes the focus off all the worry and envy that comes with living in a bigger-is-better society and puts it literally on counting your blessings.

Start each day by making a list of 10 things you’re thankful for. Cultivating an aura of gratitude clears out negativity and allows other areas of your life to fall into place.