3 Ways to Highlight Your Eyes While Wearing a Face Mask

by | Updated: October 14th, 2020 | Read time: 3 minutes

In the age of covid-19, where masks covering the mouth and nose have become the norm, drawing attention to the eyes may be more important—and popular—than ever!

Not sure how to bring out the best in your peepers? Not to worry! We’re here to help you achieve a glamorous gaze during this challenging time and beyond. Following are some simple strategies to make your baby blues (or browns, or greens…) pop and all the jaws around you drop.

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Beautifying the brows

Nothing draws attention to the eyes like full, well-groomed brows. Here’s how to get yours in tip-top condition.

  • To shape your brows, follow their natural contours, removing any stray hairs with a combination of slant-tipped tweezers and eyebrow scissors.

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Next, use an eye shadow or brow pencil that matches your brow color to fill in any patchy or bald spots.

Highlighting the lids

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Shift the focus to your eyes with look-at-me lids! Ready to enhance the windows to your soul?

  • First, apply an eyeshadow primer to smooth your eyelids and help shadow stay in place throughout the day.
  • To really make your eyes stand out, choose a shadow that compliments your coloring. To do so, select a shade that falls opposite the color of your eyes on the color wheel. For instance, if you have blue eyes, choose bronze or copper If your eyes are brown, hazel or green, pick colors in the taupe or purple families.

Other eye-catching options include:

  • Selecting a shimmery, light-reflecting highlighter in lieu of regular eyeshadow.
  • Slathering on a sheer shade that reflects lots of light.
  • Creating depth and dimension by applying a light-colored shadow to the entire eyelid and adding a darker shade to the crease.
  • Going bold with striking shades that are sure to make a statement.

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  • For an instant pick-me-up, line your peepers with a flesh-toned eyeliner. If you’re seeking an extra punch, consider experimenting with vibrant colored liners that match your eye color. For example, if your eyes are blue, apply bright blue eyeliner along your waterline. If they’re green, go for emerald (also a great choice for those with hazel and brown eyes)!

Showcasing the lashes

Want long, lush lashes that friends, relatives and total strangers will envy? Here’s how to achieve them!

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  • To give your lashes extra oomph, enlist the aid of an eyelash curler. If you’ve never used one, don’t be alarmed by its design. The time-tested beauty aid is simple and safe to operate. For even more drama—and enhanced lift and hold—try one that’s heated!
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  • Don’t skimp on the mascara. If you choose to wear only one kind of eye makeup, mascara can give you the most bang for your beauty buck! Apply two to three coats to both your upper and lower lashes and select a waterproof variety for enhanced staying power. Generally speaking, black is your best bet for sleek, standout lashes, but brownish-black or brown also work well for those with light hair.
  • If mascara really isn’t your thing, consider tinting your lashes with a gentle, non-toxic gel. This must-try product, which lasts for up to four weeks, can also be used on your eyebrows!