Our Fall Guide to Natural Hair Dyes

by | Updated: October 10th, 2017 | Read time: 3 minutes

As summer graciously gives way to fall and the leaves begin to take on vibrant new hues, you may realize that you’re craving a change in appearance as well. After all, a new season is the perfect time to try out a new hair color!

Want to add autumn’s signature shades of red and gold to your hair without drying out—or otherwise damaging—your lustrous locks? Not to worry! There are several safe, gentle, chemical-free techniques to choose from. Following are five to consider:

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This all-natural alternative to chemical hair color is derived from the leaves of the henna plant for which it is named. Henna typically provides coverage for four to six weeks and has been used to safely dye hair for thousands of years.

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Looking to cover gray, go darker or add dimension to your brunette locks this fall? Simply brew a cup of espresso (the stronger, the better!), allow it to cool and combine it with two cups of leave-in conditioner. Mix in a couple of tablespoons of coffee grounds and apply the natural dye to your clean hair. Allow it to sit for approximately an hour before rinsing.

If you don’t get desired results right away, repeat the process a few times. To maintain your natural new color, dye your hair every few weeks. This DIY beauty regimen gives new meaning to the term coffee addict!


Much like coffee, tea can help you achieve a rich, new shade for fall (and eliminate those pesky grays!). Just be sure to choose a variety that works well with your natural hair color. Think black tea to darken, chamomile to lighten and red tea, such as rooibos, to enhance any underlying red tones.

To color your hair with a cuppa, steep six to 10 grams of highly concentrated loose tea (or three to five tea bags) in two cups of water. Allow the tea to cool and then combine it two cups of leave-in conditioner. Apply the chemical-free color to your clean locks. Rinse in approximately one hour—or longer (up to overnight) if you crave more intense color. Repeat every few weeks as necessary.

Lemon juice

Want to enhance your hair’s natural highlights this sweater season? Simply comb fresh lemon juice through your hair from root to tip. Leave the citrus juice on your tresses for a few hours before rinsing. Tip: For additional lightening, expose your juice-soaked mane to ample sunlight.

Because lemon juice can sap your hair of much-needed moisture, follow up with a deep conditioning treatment!

Beet juice

As you may have guessed, beet juice can provide hair with a natural red tint—perfect for autumn! To color your hair with this sweet, earthy vegetable juice, massage approximately one cup into your mane and allow it to sit for about an hour (or a little longer if you desire a more intense effect). Repeat daily as needed to achieve a more vibrant color, and weekly for maintenance.

As with lemon juice, follow beet juice with a deep conditioning treatment to restore your hair’s moisture.

Just to be safe…

Remember that many types of hair dye—even the chemical-free variety—can stain not only your mane, but also your skin, clothing and the surfaces of your home. Therefore, it’s important to protect your furniture, countertops and flooring when coloring your hair. It is also advisable to wear plastic or rubber gloves and a smock (or old clothing) when handling ingredients such as henna and beet juice, and to cover your hair with shower cap or plastic wrap while allowing color to set.