The Everything Guide to Eyebrows: Tweezing, Waxing, Threading & Beyond

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Big, bold, beautiful brows are all the rage, and having them is easy, thanks to a variety of products and techniques. From basic maintenance tips to tools for enhancement, we’re revealing what you need to know to earn brow bragging rights.

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Say goodbye to stray brows

If you’ve been blessed with perfect brows that require minimal maintenance, you can skip this section. For the rest of us, there are three primary grooming methods to consider:


Plucking hair from its root with a tweezer is inexpensive and convenient—you won’t have to spend money on upkeep at a salon. However, tweezing can irritate the skin and cause ingrown hairs, and results don’t typically last as long as those from other hair removal techniques. Plus, it’s easy to become overzealous, resulting in super-thin brows and/or permanent bald patches. Tweezing tip: Hold your skin taught and tweeze in the direction of the hair growth.


Using heated wax to remove unruly hairs is also relatively inexpensive, and results can last for up to six weeks. You can wax your brows at home with a kit, but you may want to seek help from a professional to avoid accidental burns. It’s important to note that waxing can be painful and may cause redness and skin irritation. Also, it requires some hair growth, so you’ll have to endure a few days of unkempt brows beforehand. Waxing tip: Apply a thin, even layer of wax in the direction of the hair growth.


This ancient technique uses twisted thread to remove unwanted hairs from their follicles. Although it is gentler than waxing and allows for greater precision, the process, which is best left to the professionals, typically costs more and takes longer. As with the other methods, skin irritation may occur.

In addition to tweezing and waxing, you can use brow-shaping scissors to trim excessively long eyebrow hairs.

Shaping 101

You can, of course, enlist the aid of a professional, but shaping your eyebrows is easy if you stand in front of a mirror while following these steps:

Determine your starting point: Hold your tweezer vertically against the outside edge of the nostril, forming a straight line up to the inner eyebrow. Mark this “starting point” on each of the eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil and remove any stray hairs between the two points.

Locate your arch: Hold your tweezer so it forms a diagonal line from the corner of the nose through the middle of the iris up to the brow bone. Mark this point (the peak of the arch) with an eyebrow pencil and taper the outside of the eyebrow so it is somewhat thinner than the inside and center.

Determine your end point:
Hold the tweezer diagonally so it forms a straight line from the nose to the outside corner of the eye. Mark this “end point” with an eyebrow pencil and stop there when filling in your eyebrows.

Consider your face shape:
If your face is round, choose a more angular brow. Alternatively, select a soft, rounded brow if your face is oblong or square.

Get your fill

Now you’re ready to fill in patchy spots and/or create the illusion of thicker eyebrows.

1. First, use an eyebrow pencil to emphasize the bottom of the brows (i.e., draw a line along them) and lengthen the outside edges, if necessary.

2. Next, use a brow brush to fill in any sparse or patchy areas with brow powder.

3. Lastly, use a spoolie brush to brush the brows and blend in the color.

Secure your perfect brows

Your eyebrows help keep your baby blues (or browns or greens…) free of dust, dirt and sweat. So, return the favor by helping them stay put!

To keep your brows securely in place, coat them with a long-lasting wax, gel or gloss—many varieties even contain nourishing ingredients! And if you’re still concerned about fading and/or flyaways, lightly dust some translucent powder over your brows to help them set.

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