How to Have Beautiful Skin All Summer Long

by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 4 minutes

Q: What’s the best way to care for my skin during the summer months?

MyChelle Dermaceuticals licensed esthetician Catie Wiggy responds:

Summer in full swing! Take one step outside and you feel the scorching sun’s rays against your skin–and, in some places, a hot, wet blanket of humidity covers you. Everyone knows that summer basics for healthy skin start with sun protection, but what about other skin issues that arise with summer’s heat and humidity? MyChelle has solutions for all of it.

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The basics of your skin care routine don’t really need to change from one season to the next. You should always follow the fundamentals for a regimen; wash, moisturize and protect daily, and exfoliate two to three times per week no matter what. What you can do from season to season is choose different types of products to meet the needs of your skin depending on the climate.

You see, skin acts as a give-and-take barricade, protecting the internal body from external aggressors invading, while preventing water and vital nutrients from leaving. Skin has a natural barrier function that can fluctuate for many reasons.  If you move from a nice, cool air-conditioned environment to a warm and humid outdoor climate, your skin changes and adapts due to skin barrier function. It’s well known that cold weather conditions can dry out the skin, and we’ve all been told over and over again that long-term exposure to UV rays is harmful, but the effects of hot weather and humidity on skin are important issues as well.

When air contains an abundance of humidity and temperatures are burning hot, skin becomes more permeable, allowing vital moisture to escape. It’s been found that in high humidity levels, the skin’s natural moisturizing oil production is reduced, ultimately leading to dryness, inflammation and irritation within the skin.

One common complaint during summer is troublesome breakouts. Skin tends to be more prone to breaking out in hot weather due to increased perspiration, bacteria on the skin and weakened barrier function. Try using MyChelle Clear Skin Serum to prevent summer breakouts. This potent formula minimizes surface shine while improving the clarity of oily and blemish-prone skin. Retinol resurfaces the skin and clears pore-blocking debris while Montmorillonite clay detoxifies and absorbs excess oil. Totarolâ„¢ (a botanically-derived antibacterial ingredient) and B Vitamins assist in the growth and repair of skin tissues.

On the opposite end of the spectrum you might find that heat and humidity cause dehydration within the skin. Surge nutrients and moisture-retaining ingredients such as hyaluronic acid deep into the skin to rebuild and maintain proper moisture and hydration. If you’re looking for an ultra-lightweight moisturizer, you can forgo a cream all together and use MyChelle Ultra Hyaluronic Hydrating Serum. This deep-penetrating serum restores moisture using the hydrating agents naturally found in healthy skin. Hyaluronic acid binds water to the skin, improving suppleness and plumping fine lines. Sodium NaPCA and olive-derived Squalane prevent moisture loss as they smooth and soften skin.

Consistency in your routine may well be the key to keeping your skin looking good in the summer heat. Exfoliation rids the skin surface of dead cells and prevents clogged pores. Dead cells build up on the surface of your skin and can cause it to appear dull and damaged. Exfoliating is essential to removing these dead cells. It helps to increase cellular turnover, improve the texture and tones as well as improves the penetration of other products. Don’t over-exfoliate, though, because it can leave your skin irritated and dry. Exfoliating two to three times per week is enough.

Our favorite summer exfoliator is the MyChelle Tropical Skin Smoother. This unique treatment exfoliates and retextures for a youthfully soft and vibrant complexion. Antioxidant-rich coconut oil moisturizes and protects while ultra-fine bamboo stem powder and glycolic acid release and dissolve dead cell build-up that gives dry skin a flaky, dull appearance. Vitamin-packed super fruit acai helps support skin to renew itself.

Protect your skin daily with your favorite MyChelle natural sunscreen. MyChelle Sun Shield sun block guards against both UVA and UVB rays, which is vital to the health of your skin ““ with a potent mineral combination of titanium dioxide and clear zinc oxide for broad-spectrum defense. This skin-protecting formula prevents signs of aging from sun damage by blocking UVA and UVB rays and, research has shown, that zinc oxide has the capability to shield against UVC as well.  Added is soothing, regenerating and hydrating aloe to ease signs of redness and irritation before they have a chance to occur.

The heat can also lead to other skin problems such as heat rashes, dermatitis and eczema, which can all be exasperated by the climate.   Heat rashes usually disappear on their own in a few days, but if you notice something out of the ordinary like pain or swelling,   fever or chills, seek medical attention rather than treating the condition at home.