How to Make the Perfect Cup of Tea Every Time

by | Updated: December 4th, 2016 | Read time: 3 minutes

You may think our neighbors across the pond have a monopoly on the tea market. But Britain’s signature beverage is becoming increasingly popular in the states. Are you ready to embrace a soothing, flavorful cup of tea, but not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered! Here is a guide to help you choose and brew the best beverage every time.

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Tea types and influences

There are many different types of tea, including herbal tea, black tea, green tea, oolong tea and Rooibos tea. But all tea, regardless of the type, comes from a flowering evergreen shrub known as a “tea plant.” Much like wine, the taste and caliber of tea are influenced by a variety of factors, including altitude, climate, soil and the way in which the leaves are harvested and processed. As a general rule, tea that is grown at a higher altitude boasts enhanced flavor and better quality.

Brewing basics

There are three essential elements to brewing the perfect cup of tea: good water quality, proper water temperature and accurate brewing time.

Different types of tea require different water temperatures. For instance, black, herbal, Rooibos and fruit tea need boiling water. Herbal green tea, on the other hand, is best prepared with water that’s been heated to between 149 degrees and 176 degrees Fahrenheit. For Oolong tea, make sure the water has been heated to between 176 degrees and 194 degrees Fahrenheit.

You’ll likely find brewing details on the tea’s packaging, but here are some general guidelines for achieving the consummate cup:

  • Begin with a preheated teapot (simply fill the pot with hot water and let it stand for a minute before emptying)
  • Always use fresh, cold water. (In other words, don’t reheat the water that’s been hanging out in the teapot since your last cup!) This extracts maximum flavor from the tea leaves.
  • When using loose tea, the ratio should be one teaspoon (you knew this was called a “teaspoon” for a reason!) per cup.
  • If the tea is best prepared with boiling water (e.g., herbal tea), allow the water to boil for a maximum of 10 seconds or the flavor may fall flat.
  • Brew tea according to package directions, but typically for between two and five minutes. Tea brewed for less than three minutes is usually calming whereas tea brewed in excess of three minutes may have a stimulating effect.
  • Do not wash your teapot with anything other than cold water.

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