How to Never Miss a Workout

by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 2 minutes

You’re a super woman with a super-full schedule that includes work, parent-teacher meetings, dance recitals, cooking dinner, vacuuming up dog hair, piles of laundry and maybe some cuddle time with your better half or that book you’ve been meaning to read (if you’re lucky). It’s normal to miss a workout with that kind of life, isn’t it?

iStock_000021052340XSmall_JNL-schedule workoutsNot at all!

There’s a way to guarantee you’ll not miss a work out AND have healthy, satisfying meals every day of the week. You must have a schedule. Among my clients, the ones who actually follow through on dedicating days and times to their workouts have greater success. Scheduling your workouts as business meetings will help ensure you cannot be late, you cannot cancel and you most certainly would not be a no-show for the most important person in your life (YOU!). So, here’s how your week might look:


6 — 7:00 a.m. ““ Jump-start your week with a high-intensity workout ““ like JNL Fusion.

12 — 1:00 p.m. ““ Use your lunch break to plan ahead to next week’s meals (click for recipe inspiration). Then shop for the healthy ingredients. You can have everything you need delivered to your door by the weekend, when you’ll realistically have the time to cook.


12 –12:30 p.m. ““ Go for a power lunch workout. Try to get at least 30 minutes of exercise, leaving you enough time to clean up and head back to the office.


6 — 7:00 a.m. ““ An early morning group fitness class will help give you the boost you need to get through “Hump Day” and well on your way to TGIF.


7 — 7:30 p.m. — Stretch out tight muscles with a restorative  yoga session.


6:30 ““ 7:00 a.m. ““ A quick at-home workout is enough to get you through the last day of the week. Be sure your heart rate is up and sweat is dripping down, especially if you plan on meeting friends for happy hour after work.


9 ““ 11:00 a.m. ““ Gather the family or a group of friends for some outdoor fun and games. Hit the beach for a volleyball tournament, play kickball in the park, go bike riding around the neighborhood ““ pick your pleasure and enjoy exercising.

11 ““ 12:00 p.m. ““ Allot an hour to cooking the week’s meals. By now, you should have received your Vitacost order full of good-for-you ingredients.


10:00 a.m. ““ Sleep in longer if you must, but don’t waste the day away. Sunday is the most important day.

10 ““ 10:15 a.m. ““ Spend 15 minutes planning your workouts for the rest of the week.

10:15 ““ 11:00 a.m. ““ If you didn’t get around to preparing snacks on Saturday, take some time to put together baggies of trail mix, fresh cut veggies and granola. During the week, you’ll simply grab and go and never be without something healthy on hand.