How to Rock Movie Star Hair on a Mom Budget

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by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 2 minutes

You’re busy. I understand. That’s why you’ve let yourself default into the dreaded “mom ponytail.” But having gorgeous, healthy hair doesn’t have take all morning or break the bank. With the right products targeted perfectly to your hair type, you’ll go from frumpy to fabulous in no time.

Rock Movie Star Hair on a Mom Budget


If you have straight limp hair, you need volume. Beauty Without Cruelty Volume Plus shampoo and conditioner is a plant-based formula for fine, flat, or thinning hair. The natural plant proteins help restore body and fullness without weighing it down. The deep conditioning essential oils fight fly-aways and but don’t leave behind a heavy build-up.


Luscious, gorgeous curls don’t just happen. Bombshells blessed with curly hair need to use the right types of shampoo and conditioner to bring out the beauty of their lovely locks. Instead of trying to straighten your hair into submission, celebrate it with products made specifically for curly hair. The DevaCurl line is sulfate, paraben, and silicone free, and the Set It Free Moisture Lock is designed to eliminate frizz, add shine, and enhance curls for up to forty-eight hours.

Color Treated, Damaged or Dry

Some of us *cough*me*cough* have started to go gray early and choose to cover that up. Others have a creative streak a mile wide and can’t stop changing their color and style. And then there are the Bombshells who have a love affair with heated styling tools, leaving behind hair that needs lots of TLC. Whatever the cause, Glonaturals Coconut Collection Hair Serum is perfect for helping to repair or revive dry or damaged hair. Apply a few drops of Glonaturals Hair Serum to calm frizzies and bring back the shine. You can use it once a week or every day, depending on your hair’s needs.