10 Best Eco-Friendly Makeup Brushes + What to Use Them For

by | Updated: November 7th, 2018 | Read time: 3 minutes

Makeup brushes don’t always come with a detailed set of instructions. But perhaps they should. After all, it can be confusing—if not downright frustrating—to figure out which brush is best for each specific application.

Whether you’re searching for one brush or several, we’re here to help you brush up on your brush knowledge. Read on to learn about some of the most common types of makeup brushes you can use to enhance your beautiful features.

     Eco Tools Ultimate Concealer Duo Brush Set | Vitacost.com/Blog  

1. Concealer brushes

These little lifesavers have small, flat brush heads that easily home in on imperfections. Use a pair of concealer brushes—one to cover and another to blend—along with a good, creamy cover up for smooth, flawless coverage. We recommend Eco Tools Ultimate Concealer Duo Brush Set and Ecco Bella FlowerColor Cover Up!

Eco Tools Flat Foundation Brush | Vitacost.com/Blog

2. Flat foundation brush

Boasting a flat yet generous brush head, this tool is used to apply a smooth, even layer of liquid or cream foundation to the face. So, forget about using your fingertips and try Eco Tools Flat Foundation Brush, which is composed of “soft, cruelty-free bristles,” a recycled aluminum ferrule and an easy-to-grip bamboo handle.

Earth Therapeutics Bamboo Studio Airbrush Makeup Brush | Vitacost.com/Blog

3. Powder brush

Trade in the sponge that accompanied your loose or pressed powder for a dedicated powder brush! Be sure to choose one with a round, fluffy brush head—the bigger the better! Made with environmentally friendly materials, the Earth Therapeutics Bamboo Studio Airbrush Makeup Brush will distribute powder (and bronzer) to your face and décolleté with ease.

Eco Tools Sheer Finish Blush Brush | Vitacost.com/Blog

4. Blush brush

As its name implies, a blush brush is used to apply blush to the cheeks. It features a smaller brush head than a powder brush and typically has tapered bristles that contour to the apples of the cheeks. We’re big fans of the Eco Tools Sheer Finish Blush Brush, which sports duo fiber bristles for a customizable and controlled color application!

Honeybee Gardens Mini Kabuki Brush | Vitacost.com/Blog

5. Kabuki brush

Want to add dimension (and a sun-kissed glow) to your face with bronzer? A wide, fluffy kabuki brush, like this Honeybee Gardens Mini Kabuki Bronzer Brush, is the perfect choice for applying color to large areas of the face. The cruelty-free brush also works well with blush!

Eco Tools Define & Highlight Duo Brush Set | Vitacost.com/Blog

6. Contour and highlighter brushes

Use a dense brush with tapered bristles to shade or “contour” the parts of your face you want to minimize or define (e.g., cheekbones, forehead). Choose a highlighter brush with wide, fanned bristles to emphasize key features, such as the apples of your cheeks. The handcrafted Eco Tools Define & Highlight Brush Duo includes both brush types “to naturally sculpt and illuminate your favorite facial features.”

Eco Tools Ultimate Shade Duo Brush Set | Vitacost.com/Blog

7. Eyeshadow shade and blending brushes

Use a shade brush with a small, round, flat head to apply concentrated base color to your eyelids and brow bone. Next, use the tip of the brush to add color and dimension to the crease. Finally, use a blending brush with compact bristles to blend accent colors and buff away any hard eyeshadow lines that occurred during application. The convenient Eco Tools Ultimate Shade Duo Brush Set includes both types of brushes!

Everyday Minerals Double Perfect Eyeshadow-Eyeliner Brush | Vitacost.com/Blog

8. Angled eyeliner brush

A small, flat, angled brush with dense bristles helps ensure precise application of gel eyeliner. Everyday Minerals Double Perfect Eyeshadow-Eyeliner Brush is a great choice, offering both an eyeliner brush and a shadow brush in one! Plus, it’s cruelty-free and the handle is made of sustainable bamboo! 

Eco Tools Brow Shaping Due Brush Set | Vitacost.com/Blog

9. Eyebrow brush and spoolie

It should come as no surprise that an eyebrow brush is used for defining and shaping the eyebrows. Use a small brush with a flat, angled head to shape and fill in sparse brows and a round spoolie to comb them afterward. Eco Tools Brow Shaping Due Brush Set contains both a soft, handcrafted brush and a spoolie!

Black Lip Brush | Vitacost.com/Blog10. Lip brush

Last but certainly not least, use a small lip brush with a fine tip to outline a perfect pucker and apply color to the center of your lips. Great for achieving a bold look-at-me lip!’

Remember to follow up with our helpful video on how to clean makeup brushes naturally.