I Already Know This is Wrong, Mommy…

by | Updated: December 4th, 2016 | Read time: 2 minutes

Am I alone to feel as if my 22 lb. baby boy has the strength of an ox at times? It seems that when I need him to mold his body to his car seat, lay still so we can fall asleep when we’re in the bed together, or simply allow me to change his diaper – he somehow musters up the superhuman strength needed to nearly wiggle his way out! (Granted he hasn’t yet been successful, but I still feel the edge of defeat hanging over my head.

Jacob, doing some time in baby jail.


I know I’m not the only one who feels this way. I become so frustrated when my infant does not listen to me. I know he IS only eight months old, but  to say that he doesn’t understand is naive.

When he reaches up to the television stand and starts to pull himself up, the look I get when he turns to see if I’m watching is one that says, defiantly, “I already know this is wrong, Mommy.”

This is how I know he understands: when he continues to climb  on it only to get down and cry when I tell him “ah ah” — (you know, that mom noise we make really loud to get their attention  in hope of them discontinuing the undesirable behavior?).

He does that with so many things. The open dishwasher, my phone charger, my  cellphone, books under the coffee table, etc. It is inevitable. I am fighting putting all those things out of his reach. I have some false hope that maybe,  just maybe  it would be possible to “train” him not to do those things so I won’t have to place gates around every inch of my apartment.

Who’s with me?

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