If you need maxi pads, you’re too old to be in a stroller.

by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 2 minutes

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Today’s ticket goes out to the parents at Disney World who push kids old enough to wear training bras in baby strollers!

Vitamom Jorie here, back from a trip to Disney, where our 16-month-old was riding stroller-to-stroller with some kids who looked almost old enough to babysit him. Now, I know theme parks require miles and miles of walking. And I also know a very small percentage of those big kids in strollers might have had illnesses or disabilities that made the strollers necessary, and of course it makes sense that they needed some help getting around.

But I’m guessing a lot of the kids who were folded up like pretzels in these strollers meant to accommodate the 40-pound-and-under-crowd just didn’t want to walk! Our two older kids are 6 & 8 and they started to complain that their feet were tired by the end of the day, too. My husband and I just reminded them that they HAD to walk to see all the cool stuff there was to see, and they got over it.

There was one girl who was at least one head taller than our 8 year-old son and her mom was yelling at her to stop dragging her legs on the ground because she was making it too difficult to push. Here’s a novel idea: walk!! I see the same kind of thing at the outlet mall near us, too: almost adolescent-age kids, being pushed in Smart Cartes.