8 Unique Immune System Supplements to Consider Taking This Fall

Kiki Powers

by | Updated: September 18th, 2021 | Read time: 4 minutes

Autumn can be a busy time, whether you are adjusting back to a more strenuous work schedule after summer, decompressing from travel, returning to school, etc. Clearly, these kinds of changes can be stressful. If that stress is ongoing, or chronic, it can undermine your wellness, potentially making you more vulnerable to seasonal ailments and other health issues.

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While we can’t always change the stress-causing factors in our lives ─ nor can we avoid all seasonal germs, bacteria and viruses ─ we can make a concerted effort to protect ourselves by maintaining a strong immune system. As one scientist aptly noted, the susceptibility of an individual to viral or bacterial infections is dependent upon immune competence. These innovative immune support supplements can help support your lines of defense, naturally.

Immune Health Supplements to Try 

Nordic Immune Daily Health Defense

This product offers 4-in-1 immune support with optimal levels of standardized elderberry (425 mg), vitamin C (1,000 mg.), vitamin D3 (2,000 IU) and zinc glycinate (15 mg). These evidence-based ingredients, which support a range of natural immune mechanisms, provide antioxidant support for a healthy response to a wide range of immune stressors.

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Honey Gardens Elderberry Honey Immune Powder

Each serving of this cleverly formulated product harnesses the power of no less than 150 elderberries, filled with naturally occurring antioxidants that may support immune wellness. This elderberry infusion is combined with apple cider vinegar and apitherapy raw honey, which contains healthful naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids and enzymes.

This honey has never been heated or filtered and thus retains beneficial traces of pollen, propolis and beeswax which the flowers and bees provided. Honey Gardens Elderberry Honey powder mixes easily into either hot or cold beverages, and its natural sweetness makes it appealing to people of all ages.

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Vital Proteins Vitality™ Immune Booster Clementine

These convenient stick packs combine collagen, L-glutamine ─ which helps synthesize glutathione, the body’s master antioxidant ─ a generous 1,000 mg. of vitamin C per serving, zinc and electrolytes sourced from Himalayan pink sea salt, magnesium, sodium and potassium with Wellmune® and Immuno-LP20®, ingredients which may help support normal immune wellness. This delicious tasting pick-me-up is gluten free, soy free, and contains no added sugars. Mix it up and put your best sip forward.

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Gaia Herbs Immune Shine™ Herb Powder

This synergistic formula, which is vegan and gluten-free, combines Chaga and Maitake mushrooms with astragalus, elderberry, and ginger, treating you to the benefits of mushrooms that may be helpful in supporting natural immune balance along with herbs traditionally used to maintain overall well-being in cultures all around the world.

This beneficial powder contains no added fillers, flavors or sweeteners, and blends easily into smoothies, dairy or non-dairy milk or any other beverage of choice. Adding this herbal mélange to your daily routine is an easy way to support your body’s natural defenses.

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Zand Immune Fast™ Sweet Elderberry

These tasty, chewable tablets combine EpiCor with vitamin C, zinc and echinacea to support a healthy immune system response. EpiCor is a unique substance made from fermented, dried yeast that is rich in beta glucan polysaccharides and other health-supporting nutrients. Some research suggests that EpiCor operates through the gut to support normal immune wellness. These handy little tabs are great for travel and an on-the-go lifestyle, making it easy to remain health conscious even in busy times.

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Natrol Sleep + Immune Health Berry

Getting enough sleep each night is a crucial part of overall wellness, whereas sleeping poorly on a regular basis can undermine immune health. These fruity gummies, which combine melatonin, elderberry and zinc with vitamins C and D can help you obtain the revitalizing sleep that is essential for a healthy immune system while providing added nutritional and herbal support.

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OM Organic Mushroom Nutrition Supplement Powder

This blend of seven unique species of organic mushrooms offers a synergy of natural wellness support and may promote a positive inflammation response. Keep your system bolstered naturally with powerful beta glucans, digestive enzymes, fiber, prebiotics, antioxidants and other important nutrients. Simply add a teaspoon to your daily juice or smoothie. You can also blend into soup or broth before serving.

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Garden of Life Kids Organic Elderberry Immune Syrup

Black elderberries, which have been used in Europe for centuries as a traditional support for general wellness and immune balance, are increasingly being recognized in the U.S. for their wellness benefits. In fact, these antioxidant-dense little berries are now enjoying well-earned respect across the globe as a highly beneficial “superfruit.” This kid-friendly syrup combines premium elderberry extract, aronia berry and antioxidant-rich vitamin C.

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Again, germs, bacteria and viruses will continue to be prevalent in life, as will high stress levels for many people. It therefore pays to do what you can to bolster your own natural protection as much as possible. The best defense is a good offense. Here’s to your health!

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