Crazy for Charcoal! 8 Must-Try Personal Care Products

by | Updated: March 29th, 2019 | Read time: 3 minutes

Charcoal may seem like a strange addition to your beauty arsenal, but when used properly, it boasts a bevy of exciting benefits.

Of course, we’re not referring to the kind of charcoal you use for grilling. We’re talking about activated charcoal. Although both forms are derived from carbon, the activated variety is way more porous, which allows it to filter out a greater number of impurities. Because of this, hospitals have traditionally relied on activated charcoal to help patients detoxify from drugs, alcohol and various poisons.

And the beauty industry has finally caught on. A key ingredient in many personal care products, activated charcoal is now used to draw dirt, oil, bacteria and other toxins to the skin’s surface, helping to unclog pores and eliminate acne. The fine black powder is also being used to help rid hair of residue and oil and relieve scalp conditions, such as dandruff, as well as whiten teeth. And its ability to absorb smells and excess moisture makes it natural choice for deodorants.

Toothbrush with Charcoal Toothpaste and Activated Charcoal Powder |

Following are some of our favorite charcoal-based products:

  • Facial soap. The Seaweed Bath Co Unscented Purifying Detox Facial Bar with Charcoal and Volcanic Ash is sustainably harvested and packed with 65 vitamins and minerals. The nutrient-rich bar, which contains activated charcoal, volcanic ash and hand-harvested seaweed from Maine, “gently softens and purifies for smoother, healthier-looking skin.”
  • Facial scrub. Give impurities the old heave-ho with Zum Face® Charcoal Sugar Facial Scrub. Designed for daily use, this superior scrub contains activated charcoal, organic cane sugar, pure essential oils and plant-based oils to “help draw out toxins from dry, dull skin for revved up rejuvenation and natural exfoliation.”
  • Facial mask. You’re about to discover “your new favorite LBM (Little Black Mask)! The Yes To Inc Yes to® Tomatoes Detoxifying Charcoal Paper Mask contains 96 percent natural ingredients—and no parabens, silicones or SLS—to help unclog pores and detoxify skin for the smooth, glowing complexion you crave. The subtle tingling is a sure sign it’s working!
  • Body soap. Want to “soothe your soul with the sweet and smoky sensation of warm vanilla and a deep cleanse of dark charcoal?” Perfect for all skin types, Level Naturals Vanilla plus Charcoal Natural Bar Soap relaxes the senses while ridding skin of toxins. Also available in Tea Tree plus Activated Charcoal!
  • Body loofah. The Body Benefits Charcoal Infused Bath Pouf contains charcoal-infused netting, which “helps remove impurities and creates rich lather.” You’ll be well on your way to beautiful skin from head to toe!
  • Body scrub. “Formulated with Charcoal Powder to gently exfoliate, Nature’s Gate Charcoal Body Scrub helps cleanse, soften and smooth skin with a unique blend of mint, kale, coriander and parsley.” It’s free of artificial colors, gluten, parabens, soy, sulfates and more so you can enjoy stunning skin and peace of mind!